Gain insights into Java virtual machine (JVM) resource usage and z/OS® Connect EE API request statistics across multiple z/OS domains
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Flat-style illustration of the IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for JVM dashboard showing metrics related to JVM performance

IBM Z® OMEGAMON® AI for JVM is a remote monitoring agent that discovers and solves problems within Java running on z/OS® operating systems. It is a part of the OMEGAMON family of software products.

With IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for JVM, you can monitor the performance of JVMs in different environments on z/OS, such as in CICS®, IMS, DB2® subsystems or in pure Java application servers like the WebSphere® Application Server or WebSphere Liberty Profile. 

Integrate with other products within the OMEGAMON family to deliver seamless z/OS management capabilities.

What's new

Summary of features and updates for Z OMEGAMON AI for JVM

Benefits Visualize Java workloads

Detect online JVMs automatically to identify which Java workload is running and where.

Reduce MLC

Understand CPU usage at the Java thread level, including zIIP offload efficiency.

Manage and monitor

Analyze garbage collection and heap usage details to detect application memory leaks.

Get proactive operational insights

Enable IT teams to proactively identify common operational issues and define alert thresholds with OMEGAMON AI Insights.

Embrace the digital economy

Enable IT personnel to monitor critical z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition API requests and support the journey to the digital economy.

Avoid blind spots

View all JVMs side-by-side, receive alerts for JVM performance issues, isolate the issue and quickly identify the root cause.

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Monitor Java VMs on z/OS, including CICS®, Db2®, IMS, WebSphere®, Liberty and z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition API requests.

Learn how to:

  • Discover Java performance problems.
  • Identify Java heap and garbage collection problems.
  • Identify the cause of throughput degradation.
  • Check z/OS Connect EE API response times.
  • Identify z/OS virtual storage issues.

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Automatic discovery of any online JVMs

Understand the current Java workload amount and where it is running in a single screen.

JVM performance details in near real-time with historical data

Detect thread and locking issues, sub-optimal JVM garbage collection, looping threads and CPU performance issues, including z/OS-specific resources such as zIIP offload and native memory allocation.

Detailed z/OS Connect request statistics for Requester and API Provider flows

View the inflight and performance details of the completed z/OS Connect Enterprise Edition API Provider. With a single monitoring software, capture API calls initiated from a System of Record (API Requester).

Configuring z/OS Connect for extended request monitoring z/OS Connect API Providers Inflight

Analyze native memory address space allocations

Use native memory analysis to see how the overall address space memory is allocated and how it is consumed (threads, class libraries, heap, and so on). Monitor the free memory below and above the bar to avoid out-of-memory issues.

Manage MLC costs with proactive monitoring of CPU usage

Gain insights into the overall CPU consumption of the address space, including zIIP offload and zIIP-eligible work that hasn't been offloaded. Enable mainframe support teams to optimize zIIP processor and CPU capacity.

Predefined key performance indicator alerts

Continue to monitor performance through product-provided situations to track CPU performance, garbage collection, JVM health metrics and z/OS Connect EE API workloads.

Seamless integration as part of the OMEGAMON monitoring family

Simplify monitoring and management with a single view of the mainframe and subsystems. Use predefined dashboards populated with multi-level performance metrics to deliver effective user experience.

Operational insights with IBM OMEGAMON

IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for JVM integrates with IBM Z OMEGAMON AI Insights, a diagnostic tool that helps identify and forecast the performance of z/OS system resources and applications. Use it as an AI/ML model to process a curated list of key performance indicators to identify anomalies that are indicative of poor performance and trends.

Use the IBM Z OMEGAMON Data Provider to help detect problems quickly, determine response and automate actions to remediate and prevent future occurrences.

Configuring OMEGAMON AI Insights Configuring IBM Z OMEGAMON Data Provider
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IBM Z OMEGAMON Runtime Edition for JVM 

Monitor the first few Java applications or z/OS Connect instances on z/OS


Monitor all Java workloads on your entire mainframe


Per active JVM instance licensing

Unlimited instance license


Flexibility to start small and expand

Freedom to discover and monitor all Java workloads on z/OS

Regular updates with valuable new functions

DevOps approach with monitoring Java on z/OS

Full IBM support

Product documentation

Version 5.5.0 Version 5.4.0 Version 6.1.0
Technical details
Hardware requirements

Deploy on any IBM Z processor capable of running z/OS V2.3.0 or later.

Software requirements

For detailed information about the software requirements, run a Software Product Compatibility Report for IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for JVM.

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