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IBM Workload Automation key features

Powerful and intuitive dashboard

A modern look and feel simplifies real-time, data-driven decisions. Customization is easy with built-in widgets, including monitoring and support for data from any REST API.

Self-service automation

Use catalogs and services to submit routine business tasks, running and monitoring processes on demand from a mobile device.

Workflow folders

Empower line-of-business users with a self-service model to manage their jobs and job streams by organizing a hierarchy of folders.

Advanced rerun flexibility

Orchestrate your workflows seamlessly, building recovery logic into the job definition and rerunning job successors from the Monitor Workload view.

Unleashed power of containers

Deploy all components of Workload Automation in containers. Automate cloud-native apps and apps migrated to containerized environments.

Connected jobs using variables

Use variable passing to pass data between jobs and job streams. This feature is now redesigned to ensure a better, simpler user experience.

Hybrid workload automation

Extend your automation environment easily and cost-effectively. In addition, benefit from intelligent automation from a central point of control.

Scheduling through REST APIs

Use application programming interfaces such as REST, SOAP, Java and others to schedule and monitor workloads.

Streamlined release management process

Automate and schedule the development, test and deployment of apps or business processes, with the option to roll back to earlier versions if something goes wrong.

Advanced monitoring

Create and run a query to monitor jobs, share the query with a group of users, and save the query to the list of available queries.

Ready-to-use integrations

Map your business with 35+ business adaptors to integrate smoothly with business applications such as SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, Salesforce, Informatica, Hadoop and more.

Managed business risk

Detect issues, analyze impact, and trigger recovery and monitoring in real time.

How it’s used

Product images

Centralized auditing

IBM Workload Automation product screenshot showing centralized auditing

Centralized auditing

Easily make changes across your environment.

Workload dashboard

IBM Workload Automation product screenshot showing a workload dashboard

Workload dashboard

See and manage your workloads all in one place.


IBM Workload Automation product screenshot showing versioning


Keep track of different versions and understand the differences between them.

What-if analysis

IBM Workload Automation product screenshot showing what-if analysis

What-if analysis

Fully understand the implications of a decision.


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