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What is Workload Automation? IBM Workload Automation is an automation platform integrating IT, operational, and business workflows to optimize orchestration for the execution of unattended and event-driven processes built to operate in hybrid environments. IBM Workload Automation provides a single point of control for your automated activities with an intuitive user interface that enables users to model, manage, and monitor their workloads, enhanced with graphical views, embedded analytics, and customizable dashboards. Read the Solution Brief
Benefits Optimize workload management

Improve decision-making and reduce costs by centralizing management and eliminating manual activities as any unattended process can be scheduled on request or via events.

Single point of control

Monitor all enterprise processes from a single point of control to provide consolidation of operations team procedures, and integration with monitoring and alerting tools.

Enterprise observability

Improve observability through modern monitoring solutions employed by AI using open standards to enable collection of data through tools such as Instana for better control of your IT system.

Resource management and optimization

Orchestration of IT and business workloads help improve decision-making by centralizing management of resources and optimize workloads in a hybrid deployment model.

Proactive incident resolution, remediation, and avoidance

Bridge IT and business applications with one-stop automation modelling to achieve anomaly detection on workloads and achieve successful job outcomes.

Updated features Powerful and intuitive dashboard
Enable the integration of data transfer operations in workflows using a modernized interface for data-driven decisions. Customization is easy with built-in widgets, including monitoring and support for data from any REST API.
Self-service automation
Use catalogs and services to submit routine business tasks, running and monitoring processes on demand from a mobile device.
Anomaly detection in workloads
Leverage AI-powered historical data analysis providing anomaly detection for the overall workload or selected jobs.
Managed file transfer capabilities
Easily move files and streamline modeling of the automation workflows with the new Workload Designer, part of the Dynamic Workload Console.
Full observability of business applications
Experience the capability to log Workload Automation events based on open standards for consumption by the IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps and Instana.
Easily define workflows
The Workload Designer provides a modeling user interface that provides a unified access point to design every scheduling object with improved contextual help and graphical views.
How it’s used Automate SAP workloads

Provide a single point of control using IBM Workload Scheduler to manage and monitor SAP and non-SAP applications including governance of SAP environments, data integration, and more.

Automate across clouds

Automatically provision resources for the time period they’re needed. Coordinate resource management with business workflows to optimize business process completion objectives while minimizing resource costs.

Control Salesforce batch jobs

Workload Automation integrates with Salesforce to gain greater control of your Salesforce batch APEX jobs. Govern and coordinate automated Salesforce processing with enterprise resource management applications.

Automate BigInsights

Workload Automation can automate, monitor and control workflows containing BigInsights workbooks and applications to help your enterprise find insights into new and emerging types of data.

Automate Oracle PeopleSoft workloads

Your entire ERP ecosystem benefits from Workload Automation’s ability to maintain a seamless, consistent workflow from one function to another, standardizing processes and reducing overhead costs.

Cloud-native orchestration

Bridge business flows between cloud and on-premises environments when you orchestrate cloud-native applications. Manage them locally or remotely with powerful integrations.

Datacenter automation

Raise quality immediately. Server automation tasks not only keep your business going, but they can also take advantage of Workload Automation security and auditing capabilities.

ERP process orchestration

The more you automate, the less you spend. Automation is ERP's best friend: browse all the integrations to help you manage your ERP flows from a single point of governance.

Managed file transfer

Integrate file transfer into your automation processes: monitor the status, learn about how it impacts your plans and make the most out of predictive capabilities to make your processes more efficient.

Use Cases

Anomaly Analysis Enables early detection of potential issues in scheduled jobs and workflows, providing alerts for anomaly detection and a UI for historical data analysis of jobs and work stations.

AI Data Advisor Anomaly detection in workloads with AI-powered data helps provide an enhanced operational experience.

Workload Designer A new modeling UI in the Dynamic Workload Console provides a unified access point to design every scheduling object.

Define jobs A clean interface to define integration plug-in jobs that are available on the Automation Hub.

What-if analysis Fully understand the implications of a decision.

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