What does IBM WebSphere Remote Server do?

IBM® WebSphere® Remote Server provides a service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform for integrating new and innovative technologies into distributed retail environments. It is designed for remote retail locations where innovative customer-facing technologies are required to respond to new customer demands and opportunities. IBM WebSphere Remote Server is also referred to as IBM WebSphere Retail Store Server Editions. These editions are designed to deliver reliable, security-rich operations and centralized management of technologies across networks with several to thousands of remote locations and devices.


Provide innovation

Add new technologies as they become available and creatively integrate them to boost efficiency and offer a differentiating customer experience.

Meet consumer demands with ease

Provide the goods and services consumers need at the right location, time and price.

Protect existing investments

Benefit from mobile, point-of-sale (POS) data transmission, radio frequency identification (RFID), dynamic product information, inventory control applications and more.

Deploy flexible and affordable apps

Choose configurations for the store and the enterprise: basic store infrastructure and management, in-store application integration or an enterprise platform.

Key Features

  • Create a differentiated customer experience
  • Connect an array of robust and established products
  • Quickly develop and deploy remote technologies
  • Be more responsive, flexible and cost-effective

Which option is right for you?

Retail Store Server Starter Edition

Provides an entry point to IBM Middleware with usage restrictions.

Starter Edition w/ Informix Database

Provides an entry point to IBM Middleware with usage restrictions.

Retail Store Server Advanced Edition

No usage restrictions.

Advanced w/ Informix Database

No usage restrictions.

Additional bundles

Provides IBM Integration Bus and IBM Monitoring and Provisioning Add-On for IBM Retail Store Server.