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Leverage generative AI to accelerate code generation and increase developer productivity

IDC Spotlight: AI Coding Assistants
Enterprise-grade AI code generation

IBM watsonx™ Code Assistant leverages generative AI to accelerate development while maintaining the principles of trust, security and compliance at its core. Developers and IT Operators can speed up application modernization efforts and generate automation to rapidly scale IT environments.

watsonx Code Assistant is powered by the IBM Granite foundation models that include state-of-the-art large language models designed for code, geared to help IT teams create high-quality code using AI-generated recommendations based on natural language requests or existing source code. 

Industry Perspectives on AI Coding Assistants for Application Modernization with IDC Modernization

Join IDC and IBM in this webinar to learn more about why application modernization is among the top use cases for GenAI in the software development lifecycle.

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Customer benefits Minimize the learning curve

Help developers with AI-generated code recommendations based on natural language inputs or existing source code.

Reduce errors and increase productivity

Enable developers to write net new or convert quality code with greater efficiency by reducing cognitive switching.

Build quality code

Empower developers to review code recommendations and match to the originating data source before accepting.

Unlock development potential

Allow developer teams to build skills using the product.

Accelerate time to value

Provide developers with access to IBM foundation models that bring AI where they work—keeping purpose-built and deployment efficiency at the front and center.

Key features Code generation

Generate net new code with applicable syntax from natural language requests.

Code matching

Gain transparency through visibility into the potential origin of generated code recommendations.

Code modernization

Translate code from one language to another or refactor legacy code.

watsonx Code Assistant products
watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat® Ansible® Lightspeed enables developers of all skill levels to write Ansible Playbooks using AI-generated recommendations. Purpose-built to accelerate IT Automation, this solution will deliver content recommendations that adhere to best practices. The product can generate syntactically correct and contextually relevant content using natural language requests written in plain English text. Check out watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed
watsonx Code Assistant for Z IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z is an AI-assisted mainframe application modernization product built to increase developer productivity and agility throughout the application development lifecycle. With watsonx Code Assistant for Z, developers can understand the application and its dependencies, automatically refactor selected elements of an application and continue modernizing in COBOL, or selectively transform code to Java. Developers will have the opportunity to review the generated code before acceptance. Check out watsonx Code Assistant for Z
Client success stories Water Corporation

Learn how watsonx Code Assistant technology accelerated the creation of Ansible playbooks and cut development efforts and associated costs by 30%.

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Office of CIO

Using generative AI reduced playbook development effort by over 50% in IBM CIO Organization Pilot.

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IBM Consulting

IBM Consulting achieved a 30% reduction in Ansible Playbook development effort while maintaining quality, compliance and resiliency.    

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