Build your applications with enterprise-grade speech technology

IBM Watson® Speech Libraries for Embed are a set of containerized text-to-speech and speech-to-text libraries designed to offer our IBM partners greater flexibility to infuse the best of IBM Research® technology into their solutions. Now available as embeddable AI, partners gain greater capabilities to build voice transcription and voice synthesis applications more quickly and deploy them in any hybrid multicloud environment.

Illustration showing how text-to-speech and speech-to-text libraries interact with the user

Watson Speech to Text Library

Watson Text to Speech Library

Build with Watson Speech Libraries for embeddable AI

Build with IBM natural language embeddable AI

Access a suite of speech capabilities with greater flexibility to build and deploy solutions on-premises or on any cloud, in the runtime environment of your choice.

Flexible and extensible

Illustration showing flexibility and extensibility of IBM natural language capabilities

IBM natural language AI containerized libraries are fit for purpose and provide stable APIs with dynamic implementation for interoperability across models. 

Run anywhere

Illustration showing ability to deploy apps in the container of your choice

Deploy and run your applications on any hybrid multicloud in the container environment of your choice: local Docker platform, Kubernetes or serverless containers.

Use cases


Watson Libraries for Embed subscription pricing

Usage blocks List price
Speech to Text Library for Embed
125,000 minutes per month
USD 1125 per month
Text to Speech Library for Embed
12,500,000 characters per month
USD 125 per month

Our partner stories

CodeObjects creates a frictionless customer experience

View of a hurricane from space

CodeObjects creates a frictionless customer experience

CodeObjects eliminates call center holds, reduces costs and helps put anxious customers on the road to recovery quickly using IBM Watson Speech technology

Dubber unlocks insights from conversations

Black antique telephone

Dubber unlocks insights from conversations

Dubber helps businesses translate phone calls and video conferences into text that can be converted into actionable data using IBM Watson Speech to Text technology.

Don Johnston makes reading and writing accessible for students

Teacher and three students seated at desk having a discussion about a book

Don Johnston makes reading and writing accessible for students

Don Johnston improves reading and writing comprehension in schools by offering a solution that allows students to hear the text from educational materials aloud