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Create and post jobs faster using a human resources digital employee from IBM Watson Orchestrate

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Let’s recruit, not reinvent

Filling open positions in a competitive market is challenging enough. But the repetitive tasks around recruitment and job posting are among the most time-consuming aspects of human resources. Break the cycle with IBM Watson Orchestrate™, which delivers a personalized digital worker (digey) that not only helps automate tasks, but remembers actions. So you don’t have to reinvent the process every time.

How an HR digey works
Skills for job posting Shrink the steps Creating job descriptions can be a lot of endless back and forth, tracking, communicating with hiring managers, and using multiple tools across different systems. Put your digey to work for you so you can attract and recruit candidates faster. Our partnership with ThisWay Global enables you to match more than 300 diverse candidates to your job descriptions, add filters, and initiate introductions.

Leverage templates Create better job descriptions Digey can copy and paste templates, upload to new folders and rename then, send to people using Slack or email and request input, and then alert you once the feedback comes in.

Skills for recruiting and job posting
What can digey do? Create a job description template, share with hiring manager, notify you of input, provide a matching candidate list, tell you when qualified candidates apply, and send an introductory message. And that’s just the beginning.  Explore the skills catalog

Integrations for recruiting and job posting Watson Orchestrate taps into the tools you use every day, from collaboration to communications. See integrations Outlook

Enables digey to perform various actions such as send mail, schedule meetings, add contacts, and more.

Learn more about Outlook integration
Oracle HCM

Enables digey to work with job descriptions, job postings and candidate follow up to help you find the strongest talent.

Learn more about Oracle HCM integration

Enables digey to create accounts, campaigns and contacts; track leads and opportunities; initiate orders, and more.

Learn more about Salesforce integration

Enables digey to source and nurture candidates, post jobs, get application information and share postings.


Enables digey to help create and update job requisitions, as well as manage candidate assessments.

Microsoft SharePoint

Enables digey to share lists, files and meetings so you can collaborate with colleagues, partners and customers.


Enables digey to send messages, follow up on job requisitions, share calendars and more.

Microsoft Teams

Enables digey to helps automate alerts, notifications and other repetitive tasks, as well as aggregate and streamline approvals.

Google Drive

Enables digey to store files in the cloud, share files, and edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations with collaborators.

How can my digey help with job descriptions?

Digey will help you craft it from an existing editable template, so you can easily update with information specific to the job role, location or other qualification. That’s half the battle. The other half is chasing hiring managers for approval, and digey will send them reminders and notify you when feedback comes in.

Can digey access different systems and tools?

That’s no problem for your digey, which integrates with a wide range of applications and tools no matter where they are located.

What if we don’t have an application tracking system (ATS)?

It doesn’t matter. Digey can search for candidates using keywords based on an existing job description, whether or not an opening is published in an ATS system.

What happens after we have an approved requisition?

We’re working on enabling digey to handle the actual posting on job sites like Indeed, social media like LinkedIn, or internal job posting boards. You can also leverage our partnership with ThisWay Global to quickly source a list of potential candidates matched to your job description through their advanced AI. Stay tuned for more digey updates like this one.

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