What VTAM for VSE/ESA and VM/ESA can do for your business

IBM® VTAM for VSE®/ESA and VM/ESA V4.2.0 allows you to seamlessly connect the Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking® (APPN) and Systems Network Architecture (SNA) areas of your networks. The APPN enhancements in VTAM for VSE/ESA and VM/ESA V4.2.0 allow current VTAM customers to extend APPN networking into their enterprise, while also supporting existing subarea networking. Choose from three functional levels that offer VTAM with beneficial cost-to-value ratios. A lower price is offered for VTAM for VM/ESA when ordered as a feature of VTAM for VSE/ESA. Customers can migrate to APPN at their own pace, upgrading parts of their networks at a time.


Improved networking

Provides for APPN networking in VM/ESA and VSE/ESA environments.

Choice of functional levels

Offers several packaging options or functional levels for VTAM at excellent cost-to-value ratios. Choose the functional level of support that best suits your needs.

Enhancements to SNA subarea functions

Delivers additional capabilities in APPN and SNA subarea functions.

VSE 31-bit addressing capability

Allows z/VSE customers to grow their communication workloads.

Key features of IBM VTAM for VSE/ESA and VM/ESA V4.2.0

  • Three functional levels of support
  • VTAM Client/Server for entry-level networking
  • VTAM MultiDomain for additional capabilities
  • VTAM InterEnterprise for large networks
  • VTAM 31-bit I/O buffer support