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Offers enhanced communication in VM/ESA environments
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IBM VTAM for VM/ESA V4.2.0 allows you to seamlessly connect the Advanced Peer-to-Peer Networking® (APPN) and Systems Network Architecture (SNA) areas of your networks. The APPN enhancements in VTAM for VM/ESA V4.2.0 allow current VTAM customers to extend APPN networking into their enterprise, while also supporting existing subarea networking. Choose from three functional levels that offer VTAM with beneficial cost-to-value ratios. 

z/VSE 6.2 is the last z/VSE release in service. z/VSE 6.2 End-of-Service effective date is September 30, 2023, and that End-of-Service date also applies to VTAM for VSE/ESA V4.2.0. For more details, see z/VSE 6.2 End-of-Service Information

VM/ESA® Fact Sheet

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Benefits Improved networking

Provides for APPN networking in VM/ESA environments.

Choice of functional levels

Offers several packaging options or functional levels for VTAM at excellent cost-to-value ratios. 

Enhancements to SNA subarea functions

Delivers additional capabilities in APPN and SNA subarea functions.

Three functional levels of support

VTAM for VM/ESA V4.2.0 offers three packaging options or functional levels of support—each available at an attractive price. From the entry-level VTAM Client/Server to VTAM InterEnterprise, choose the functional level of support that fits your needs.

VTAM Client/Server for entry-level networking

Client/Server is suited to an entry-level networking environment. This environment is typically smaller and does not require the communications capabilities of larger networks. Client/Server supports APPN in addition to many traditional and new SNA subarea capabilities.

VTAM MultiDomain for additional capabilities

MultiDomain contains all of the functional capabilities of Client/Server plus the addition of network control program (NCP) ownership and more APPN and SNA subarea capabilities.

VTAM InterEnterprise for large networks

For customers that have large networks, or need interconnection to other network providers, there is a third functional level known as VTAM InterEnterprise. InterEnterprise supports APPN border node for VM and SNA Network Interconnection (SNI) for VM. Additional capabilities in APPN and SNA subarea functions are also provided.

Support for VTAM

ACF/VTAM is the IBM subsystem that implements Systems Network Architecture (SNA) for mainframe environments. Use IBM Support to find solutions by using support search or open a support case. 

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