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Leverage AI with speech recognition for automatic captioning on live broadcasts and online video
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Cloud Based Captioning Process

Closed captioning is a manual process that costs time and resources. IBM offers automated captioning services for content creators. This includes being able to train the AI (artificial intelligence) for high quality, accurate caption tracks that can be produced at scale.

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Benefits Automatic captioning

Leverage speech recognition capabilities to ingest spoken and audio elements of video content. Generate high quality, accurate closed captions with the help of AI. Also create subtitles using a smart layout algorithm, which segments caption cues at natural breaking points resulting in greater readability.

Live closed captioning software

Offer automated captioning for real-time broadcasts with closed captions rather than open captions. Pre-train the AI to recognize terms specific to your business, industry or geography, and increase overall transcription accuracy for generating live captions, offering better content accessibility.

Editor for online video captioning

Use an online video editor to review and edit caption results for online streaming video and video files, negating the need for a separate caption maker. Having an online editor that automatically synchronizes to the video timecode permits caption played back to confirm accuracy before saving.

Closed caption solutions
IBM Video Streaming

A scalable, Cloud-based virtual conference platform that is an end-to-end solution for live or on-demand content to external audiences. This allows automatic captioning on video content through speech recognition. Transcripts can be downloaded as a webvtt caption file. This can support subtitles use cases, as it can be converted to different caption subtitle file formats, like to an SRT file or even plain text file (txt). Content can be viewed from included channel pages, embeds or from social media playback with Twitter. Although automated transcription is only available in English, captions for different languages like Spanish or Japanese can be manually uploaded. Request a demo to learn more about the closed caption software capabilities built into the solution.

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IBM Enterprise Video Streaming

A virtually all-in-one media platform for live and on-demand video. CMS (content management system) capabilities are included, such as an online video editor. This allows video editing of uploaded and archived content, such as trimming footage at the start or end. Also features a robust video delivery infrastructure that includes multiple CDNs and auto transcoding, so content is accessible on virtually any device from Macs to Android phones to iOS devices. Has automatic captioning for video files and integrates with IBM Watson Captioning for live closed captioning. Download the closed captioning for live streaming video integration datasheet.

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Watson works the US Open
Through a captioning process IBM Watson transcribed US Open matches using speech recognition and the Watson Speech to Text API. This automatic closed captioning process successfully captioned over 660 matches, creating a huge archive of videos with complete closed captions. Read the Sports Illustrated article on the captioning process
Closed captioning software use cases Searchable captioned video archives

Develop a library of video content with a built-in search engine, allowing end users to enter keywords and get relevant results based on captions when searching for content through the IBM Video Streaming interface.

Subtitling and post-production

Create subtitles automatically for video content. Text is not burned in, like open captioning, and can be downloaded as a webvtt caption file. This webvtt file can then be converted to different caption formats, like to an SRT file or other subtitle file formats.

Real-time live captions

Produce highly accurate, real time closed captions for live broadcasts. Use automatic captioning to avoid the need to use live captioners on all content, scaling closed captioning availability while keeping costs low.

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