Feature spotlights

Quickly find events and objects of interest in video

Video Analytics creates rich metadata from your vast video archives that can be searched and shared based on the objects, events, people and locations that appear in the video

Redact objects, faces, and entire frames in recorded video

With Video Analytics you can monitor behaviors in real-world and digital spaces to ensure that inappropriate or unwanted content and images can be removed or redacted

Track people and objects

Video Analytics enables you to track people, vehicles and animals in specific areas to identify movement patterns, trends and common areas of congestion

Detect changes to patterns, like abandoned objects

Receive automatic alerts from live streaming cameras when movement of objects is inconsistent with predefined patterns or when objects are abandoned.

Monitor access to areas of interest

The system will monitor designated areas and send alerts when unauthorized access is detected.

Send alerts when conditions detected

The system will send you real-time alerts when pre-defined conditions, like clutter or spills or structural damage is detected. This can also be used for compliance to send alerts when protective gear isn’t being used or equipment isn’t store properly.

How customers use it

  • Broadcasters want to mine and repurpose archived video


    The media industry is changing rapidly as consumers demand personalized content delivered to any device, anywhere, anytime. They need an easy to use system that enables them to rapidly find relevant content that can be repurposed for new audiences.


    Video analytics improves the performance and accuracy of both audio and video archive content analysis. In addition to search, it can be used to monitor logo exposure and compliance as well as recognize gestures and actions.

  • eSports Community Managers need help monitoring events


    The eSports community is steadily growing every year and with this growth comes issues of inappropriate behavior and content. Community managers need help monitoring for disruptive behavior.


    Video Analytics can be used to monitor for compliance with community and content guidelines. Alerts can be sent when violations are detected, and inappropriate content can be redacted.

  • Farmers need better operational insights to boost yields


    Farmers are faced with new challenges and opportunities every day -- from producing more food on fewer acres while meeting strict new emissions requirements and minimizing their environmental footprint.


    With Video Analytics, Farmers can improve day to day operations. They can better monitor animals and their behavior, track equipment location and use, supervise access to restricted areas and ensure workers are adhering to safety standards.

  • Foremen want to improve workplace safety and security


    Workplace injuries and illnesses cost U.S. companies $250 billion annually. The most common injuries are clutter or spillage that causes tripping or slipping, improper use of chemicals, machinery and equipment and not complying with safety protocols.


    Using existing video monitoring systems, alerts can be sent when hazardous conditions are detected, workers are not wearing safety gear, equipment repairs are needed, access to restricted areas is observed or when intruders are detected.

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