What TXSeries for Multiplatforms can do for your business

IBM® TXSeries® for Multiplatforms is distributed transaction processing middleware that supports C, C++, COBOL, Java® and PL/I applications in data centers. TXSeries for Multiplatforms is designed to provide a scalable and highly available platform to develop, deploy and host mission-critical applications, and can integrate into a mixed-language, hybrid cloud solution, with support for RESTful APIs.


Distributed transaction management

Provides a robust, scalable and secure platform for your business applications.

Hybrid cloud integration

Uses support for RESTful APIs to integrates into mixed-language, hybrid cloud solutions.

Improved productivity

Improves efficiency and supports business growth with workload management, availability and performance features.

Enhanced monitoring

Helps make administrative tasks easier and enhances security with advanced management and monitoring features.

Extensive compatibility

Interoperable with both CICS® and non-CICS applications, offering enhanced scalability and flexibility across all of these applications.

Problem resolution

Offers serviceability capabilities with extensive diagnostic tools to identify issues and resolve them.

TXSeries for Multiplatforms key features

  • Distributed transaction management capabilities
  • Improved productivity
  • Manage and monitor to streamline administrative actions
  • Interoperability with CICS and non-CICS systems
  • Extensive diagnostic support
  • Exposes applications as RESTful APIs