Let’s reduce carbon impact by optimizing the data center

You’ve committed to reducing your environmental impact but face many questions as you pursue your sustainability journey. Pressure to address sustainable IT strategies while balancing revenue, risk and driving shareholder returns presents a challenge.

Now you can make an immediate impact on energy use by optimizing how you allocate resources to applications. When applications consume only what they need to perform, you can increase utilization, reduce energy costs and carbon emissions, and achieve continuously efficient operations. The IBM® Turbonomic® Application Resource Management (ARM) platform uses intelligent automation to help you do just that.

Total Economic Impact (TEI) study


ROI in less than six months. Take that to the bank—and the board.


Annual refresh cost avoidance through improved infrastructure utilization.


Growth spend avoidance by understanding app demand.

Sustainable IT Dashboard key features

Understand current consumption

Understand your current energy consumption

View your data center energy usage and measure its carbon impact with a built-in dashboard that displays energy consumption metrics and their correlation to IT infrastructure.

Estimate IT carbon impact

Estimate IT carbon impact

Estimate the carbon impact of your IT data center output and leverage the data in your carbon reporting.

View IT automation results

View IT automation results

Evaluate data demonstrating the direct carbon and energy reduction achieved from executing IBM Turbonomic automation.

Safely reduce impact

Reduce carbon impact, maintain performance

Configure resources automatically to reduce energy waste and carbon emissions without risking application performance.

Sustainable IT dashboard

How to operate sustainably

Application resource optimization

Leverage automation to help ensure both peak application performance and energy efficiency.

Infrastructure utilization

Promote better use of existing assets and make more effective purchases geared for sustainable infrastructure growth.

Cloud sustainability

Create an efficient, sustainable cloud environment by removing overprovisioning waste.


Accelerating FinOps and sustainable IT

How to navigate sustainability goals and drive business value and growth.