How to detect device risk in real time

Proactively detect high-risk access

Protect your mobile app from financial malware. IBM Security Trusteer Mobile SDK combines a set of robust fraud protection capabilities designed to maintain the integrity of the banking application in which it has been embedded. By leveraging real-time risk detection, SDK allows organizations to streamline the overall risk assessment.

Detect rooted/jailbroken devices

Jailbroken iOS or rooted Android devices can be good indicators of high-risk behavior or potential anomalies as they can allow for easier malware installation. Trusteer Mobile SDK contains a Root/Jailbreak detection capability that helps determine whether a modified version of the operating system is installed on a device that is trying to connect to an online banking service. In addition, SDK offers enhanced detection of root evasion techniques, root hiders and other active hiding techniques.

Offers Certificate Pinning/SSL Pinning

Protocols that rely on certificate chain verification, such as SSL/TLS, can be vulnerable to a number of dangerous attacks, including man-in-the-middle (MitM) attacks, which occur when an unauthorized party is able to view and modify all traffic passing between the mobile device and the backend systems. IBM Security Trusteer Mobile SDK enables Certificate Pinning, also known as SSL Pinning or augmented certificate authority security to help detect and block such attacks.

Overlay protection and emulator detection

Overlay attacks can allow hackers to intercept information and compromise user security. IBM Security Trusteer Mobile SDK provides a set of APIs that natively integrate into the mobile banking app to provide real-time risk analysis and detection of overlay attacks. Additionally, by analyzing anomalous patterns SDK can help detect transactions originating from virtual machines or emulators and provide actionable recommendations on whether to allow, restrict or deny user or device access.

Complex device fingerprinting

IBM Security Trusteer Mobile SDK generates a persistent mobile device ID based on hardware and software attributes that is resilient to application reinstallation. SDK helps detects new, spoofed (proxy) and known criminal devices, and is dynamically generated by a strong and persistent mobile device ID component.

Complete view across channels

When integrated with IBM Security Trusteer Pinpoint Detect, Mobile SDK can correlate rich proprietary insights with global mobile carrier intelligence that provides a new account reputation score to help financial service providers detect and predict the risk of fraudulent intent during the new digital account creation process. The IBM Security Trusteer New Account Fraud solution helps organizations assess the risk, enabling a seamless digital account creation experience across web and mobile channels.

How customers use it

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    Obtain omni-channel risk assessment


    It is a business imperative to provide the same smooth user experience across any digital device.


    Correlate mobile risk data for an in-context, holistic view of the user across digital channels.

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    Detect mobile malware and fraud risk


    For mobile to be a strong authentication channel, it must be trustworthy and clean.


    Assess risk in context. Create device hygiene using root and jailbroken detection/hider detection, emulation, spoofing and malware detection, certificate and SSL pinning, real-time overlay attack detection, SMS stealer, and a strong deviceID.

Technical details

Technical specifications

There are no system requirements to deploy this cloud-based solution.

Software requirements

None required.

Hardware requirements

None required.

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