Get insight on order-to-cash and procure-to-pay transactions

Today’s complex supply chain transactions create many opportunities for an order to “go off the rails” — ranging from rejected or canceled orders to discrepancies in the quantity, unit of measure, price or delivery date. These discrepancies can boost the rate of disputes you experience.

How do you get ahead of these transaction pain points? IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence Enterprise Edition leverages AI to provide predictive transaction insights and visibility from order through delivery.

Dashboard example showing shipping status and discrepancies
Workers moving a large supply of boxes in a warehouse

Gain actionable insights with machine learning

Empower transaction alerts and predictions so you know what to do before a disruption occurs.

  • Alert dashboard provides an at-a-glance view of discrepancies between transactions such as orders, acknowledgments and shipments.
  • Cycle-time-prediction machine-learning model uses historical trends to predict key events.
  • Missing a shipment? Discrepancies can tell you when a shipment is late or missing. See the probability of when a shipment will be complete in the transaction flow.

Get self-service shared transaction visibility in real time

Enjoy easy access to valuable transaction information that ordinarily wouldn’t be available to business users.

  • Search and view the entire lifecycle of B2B transactions in real time.
  • Increase business-user performance and ability to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Provide the option for EDI experts to delve into the transaction details while providing natural language search to business users, for easy understanding of order details.