Get visibility across the B2B transaction lifecycle

Supply chain transactions are often complex. To answer a simple question about an order often requires an Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) specialist to search through raw data. And data silos within your company or across multiple partners create transaction blind spots that lead to disruptions and disputes.

IBM Sterling Business Transaction Intelligence leverages AI and blockchain to give you real-time insights into B2B transaction lifecycles.


Benefits of IBM Business Transaction Intelligence

Empower business users with self-service and real-time insights

  • Search and view entire lifecycle of B2B transactions in real time
  • Boost performance and improve customer satisfaction
  • EDI skills not required

Get discrepancy alerts on B2B transaction anomalies to quickly prevent potential disruptions

  • Receive alerts about anomalies
  • Troubleshoot problems immediately
  • Minimize business impacts

Experience multi-party shared transaction visibility, from order to delivery

  • Get actionable insights from cycle-time predictions
  • Immutable blockchain creates a single version of the truth
  • Rapid return on investment


Build smarter supply chains from wherever you are