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IBM StepZen Graph Server is a GraphQL server that allows developers to build APIs using declarative configurations, so they have to write less code. GraphQL APIs built with StepZen are secure and performant by nature, since they run in an in-memory, Golang-based GraphQL engine, deployed on Kubernetes.

With GraphQL, companies can iterate faster on their APIs and application development by creating a unified GraphQL API layer for all their data. However, many companies have found that adopting GraphQL can be time and resource intensive.

With IBM StepZen Graph Server you can build and deploy a production-level GraphQL API in minutes. Simply provide the connection details of your data source and StepZen will generate a secure and optimized GraphQL API. You can also combine (or federate) data from multiple sources, such as SQL, NoSQL, REST, SOAP and other GraphQL APIs.

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Benefits Build GraphQL APIs faster and with less code  

IBM StepZen Graph Server takes a declarative programming approach by using declarative building blocks without the need for custom code. This translates into more intuitive code, better runtime performance and faster time to value.

Let IBM StepZen Graph Server do the heavy lifting

With a few lines of declarative code you can connect your backend data sources, including SQL, NoSQL, REST, SOAP/XML and GraphQL, and have a working GraphQL API in minutes.

Keep slow APIs out of the UX equation

With code written declaratively, StepZen’s runtime engine can parse the backend calls and create an optimal execution plan that includes caching, memorization, parallelization and combining multiple calls into one (N+1 problem).


Declarative building blocks

With IBM StepZen Graph Server’s declarative approach, GraphQL APIs (and federated graphs, sometimes called supergraphs) are built by composing GraphQL building blocks to create the GraphQL schema. Strong introspection capabilities mean a GraphQL model for enterprise data can be constructed and composed with only a few lines of code.

Build with IBM StepZen Graph Server

Command-line interface (CLI)

The StepZen CLI allows you to easily manage your  schemas, configurations and endpoints. With a CLI-first approach and a framework in which everything is code file based, APIs built in StepZen easily and naturally fit into CI/CD pipelines.

Testing and reporting

GraphQL APIs built with StepZen can be tested and managed through a web-based dashboard. The dashboard also allows you to monitor the performance of your GraphQL APIs.

Enterprise-level security

With StepZen, queries, mutations and subscriptions have standards-based, easy-to-use enforcement mechanisms for authorization and authentication to ensure your APIs and data are well protected.

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