Protection against today’s most common cyber attacks

Overcome the challenges of protecting data from unpredictable and nearly certain cyberattacks. According to the FBI, ransomware assaults increased by 20% in 2020, while damages nearly tripled.

When you’re attacked, you’ll want to recover quickly. Only by examining backup data as it changes over time, doing content-based analytics, and tracing the last solid backup set can you be sure you’re fully recovered.

With IBM Spectrum Sentinel and FlashSystem, you can rely on modern data services, segregated and immutable copies, rapid recovery from cyberattacks, and hardware-accelerated data-at-rest encryption. Sentinel protects backup data and information by making a secure and isolated copy using safeguarded copy snapshots. Even with administrator privileges, ransomware cannot delete, edit, or encrypt protected snapshots. Sentinel can then determine whether or not there are any anomalies in the data being secured. Sentinel will then aid in a quick recovery.

Assess your risk and protect your business

Based on the NIST Security Framework, the Cyber Resiliency Assessment Tool (CRAT) is a no-cost, two-hour workshop that provides a bridge mechanism to evaluate the current data protection state of your organization, identify gaps, strengths and weaknesses, and provide recommendations on building an effective cyber resiliency plan.



Keeps getting better

Powerful machine learning models generate an alert when corruption is detected and provide post-attack reports necessary to recover quickly.

Reliable anomaly detection

IBM Spectrum Sentinel’s predictive model is optimized to minimize false positives.

Recover faster after an attack

After a ransomware attack, IBM Spectrum Sentinel will automatically generate a report identifying files impacted.

Artificial intelligence

IBM Spectrum Sentinel uses machine learning to detect and recover from ransomware attacks.

Make accurate assessments

Detailed reporting makes it easier to understand how malware may have spread, how best to recover, and how to develop future cyber security strategies.

Automated recovery

Leverage our knowledge base and other capabilities to automate recovery of all servers, regardless of when the ransomware was introduced, reducing your time to mitigation.


IBM Spectrum Sentinel Data Sheet

Restore your organization's data quickly and efficiently.

IBM FlashSystem Cyber Vault

An easy-to-use, comprehensive suite of cyber protection to detect and recover from cyberattacks.

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