IBM Spectrum MPI

What IBM Spectrum MPI can do for your business

IBM® Spectrum MPI is a high-performance, production-quality implementation of Message Passing Interface (MPI). It accelerates application performance in distributed computing environments. It provides a familiar portable interface based on the open-source MPI. It goes beyond Open MPI and adds some unique features of its own, such as advanced CPU affinity features, dynamic selection of interface libraries, superior workload manager integrations and better performance. IBM Spectrum MPI supports a broad range of industry-standard platforms, interconnects and operating systems, helping to ensure that parallel applications can run almost anywhere.


Broaden your support

Get support for a wide range of industry networks and interconnects to help ensure that your applications operate with optimal latency and bandwidth for each protocol.

Use on many platform types

IBM Spectrum MPI is prequalified and certified for use on a variety of platform types, minimizing risks in mission-critical, high-performance computing (HPC) deployments.

Gain easy porting of applications

IBM Spectrum MPI enables easy porting of applications to other platforms to help accelerate time to market and improve application quality.

Reduce costs

IBM Spectrum MPI supports a broad range of standard platforms and operating systems, which can reduce testing, maintenance and support costs.

Get dedicated HPC support

You receive support from dedicated HPC support organizations for quick and efficient resolutions to technical problems.

Four good reasons to use IBM Spectrum MPI

  • Get results faster with better infrastructure management
  • Achieve better network connectivity and more
  • Gain improved performance and flexibility
  • Attain greater speed