IBM® Rational® ClearCase® pricing details

IBM Rational ClearCase is offered through a number of different bundles, each with their own unique capabilities and pricing. See the tables before for more details.  

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Pricing table

Rational ClearCase Rational ClearCase MultiSite ClearCase and ClearCase MultiSite ClearCase Change Management System ClearCase Change Mgmt - Enterprise
  • Supports heterogeneous environments
  • Transmits incremental changes to IBM Rational ClearCase repositories for better network performance
  • Enables distributed teams to develop applications in parallel
  • Manages all assets from design to code to tests
  • Focuses on developer and team productivity
  • Provides four types of virtual workspaces: dynamic, snapshot, web and automatic views
  • Supports disaster recovery, enabling file retrieval from replicated sites
  • Provides automatic replication and synchronization of assets and configurations
  • Lets you quickly prioritize and track defects and change requests
  • Allows integration with systems and application lifecycle management
  • Helps streamline the edit-build-debug cycle and accurately reproduces software versions
  • Provides web-based monitoring capabilities to statistics on servers and OS messages
  • Works with IBM Rational ClearQuest and IBM Rational ClearQuest MultiSite
  • Simplifies change with out-of-the-box process automation
  • Develops complex software and systems faster and with improved quality
  • Provides a centralized repository where development assets are captured and versioned securely
  • Maintains data integrity by resending information in the event of network failure
  • Includes integrated workflow management and defect and change tracking
  • Enables parallel development
  • Manages development complexity through team collaboration
  • Helps to prevent mistakes, reduce bugs and identify errors earlier in the delivery cycle
  • Provides automatic recovery of repositories in the event of system failure
  • Includes service options including technical support, professional services and training
  • Uses advanced workspace management
  • Adopts flexible development processes
  • Integrates with IBM Rational ClearQuest®, IBM Rational Team Concert and IBM Rational Build Forge®
  • Supports mastership of metadata to prevent overwrite changes
  • Gives developers direct access to assets and changes from within leading IDEs
  • Reduces cost of administration while ensuring security
  • Supports asset-based development for design and component reuse
  • Builds on current investments and realizes seamless application lifecycle integrations
  • Provides advanced build/release management and audit support
  • Improves collaboration and stakeholder involvement throughout the development lifecycle
  • Scales from small workgroups to highly distributed global teams
  • Is a globally integrated enterprise that responds rapidly to business needs

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