IBM Rapid Network Automation

Achieve more, but do less with end-to-end automation across your network and business

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IBM® Rapid Network Automation is an API-driven tool that automates, integrates and connects across the network and business. It facilitates, integrates and secures communication between platforms, services and applications.

In today's rapidly evolving digital landscape, businesses face the daunting challenge of managing complex networks comprised of devices from a multitude of vendors. As networks and infrastructure grow increasingly complex, traditional approaches to automation fall short, leading to inefficiencies, siloed operations and heightened risks.


Recognizing these challenges, businesses are turning to advanced solutions like IBM Rapid Network Automation to help achieve centralized, secure and scalable automation management. Using a low-code approach and transforming API code into deployment-ready action blocks, organizations can rapidly develop or leverage existing automation scripts, amplify their capabilities and apply robust governance measures. 


IBM Rapid Network Automation is designed to:

  • Accelerate mean time to resolution
  • Reduce time to market for new services
  • Increase scope to cross-stack automation
  • Increase automation security and compliance with centralized security and policy control
Benefits Normalize full-stack automation and connectivity 

Shatter automation silos through low-code workflows spanning the entire tech stack. Seamlessly blend proprietary APIs with abstracted vendor APIs for unparalleled integration flexibility.

Level-up your automation resources and inventory  

With out-of-the-box support for major automation platforms and scripting languages, securely reuse and modify new or existing automation effortlessly, centralizing multiple tools into one secured tool.

Robust governance and full-scale control

Implement effective automation governance ensuring centralized control, security and compliance to mitigate risks associated with automation initiatives. Use detailed logs and dashboards to monitor your automation activities.

Features Out-of-the box integrations

Automate across the entire stack with thousands of out-of-the-box abstracted action blocks. Build automation across applications, security, infrastructure, performance, cloud and ITSM. 

Cloud-native architecture

Scale as quickly and as much as you need and automate actions at scale, across various sized device groups.

Secure and centralized automation

Full role-based access control (RBAC) on a per-code-block basis, enabling secure execution of API commands.

Low-code automation development

Leverage proprietary APIs alongside abstracted vendor APIs as drag-and-drop action blocks, then turn them into robust code and alter them as needed.

Use cases
Streamlined IT service management

IBM Rapid Network Automation provides a robust, automated solution to validate, diagnose and quickly resolve incidents. It reads and updates ticket data from your ITSM system in real-time to enable automated incident resolution—before it costs the organization time and money. IBM Rapid Network Automation receives data or events from any monitoring system directly or over an enterprise message bus through hundreds of service integrations and takes intelligent action to respond automatically to events and allow closed-loop automation.

View these workflow templates available on IBM TechXchange today for immediate automation value:

  1. Synchronize NPM platform inventory with ServiceNow.
  2. Automatically create ticket with enriched data from a NPM platform and devices.
  3. De-duplicate tickets created by an NPM platform.
Automated network observability

Connect your performance management platform and turn insights into actions. Remediate, update and configure based on performance management tool alerts. Reduce repetitive tasks by automating device metadata imports, CMDB updates and ITSM management. Use this highly scalable tool to ingest performance data for unsupported platforms and future-proof your performance data collection.  

View these workflow templates, available on IBM TechXchange today, to reap full value between IBM SevOne and IBM Rapid Network Automation:

  1. Run additional analytics, including starting high-frequency polling on devices automatically.
  2. Automatically generate a list of devices not monitored correctly in IBM SevOne.
  3. Ingest performance data from non-standard devices in IBM SevOne.
Automated public cloud management

Leverage automation to take advantage of public cloud services. From enterprises to managed service providers, the user can automate the provisioning of public cloud services and resources. Monitor cloud services, receive live updates and receive events impacting services. Create incidents in ITSM tools and manage cloud costs by deleting unused instances.

View these workflow templates available on IBM TechXchange today for immediate automation value:

  1. Launch Ubuntu VM in AWS EC2 with specified parameters.
  2. Create a VM in Azure with a dedicated network.
  3. Add or update an Infoblox DNS record and schedule a DNS change.
Automated security and compliance operations

Security is an essential requirement in all aspects of business today and simplifying the required activities leads to a more secure network. Automate device compliance and ensure that your network is always up to date or minimize outages due to configuration errors. Automatically deploy updates such as maintaining the latest software versions and ensuring inventory databases are aligned. Manage your user database by automatically provisioning and deactivating users.

View these workflow templates available on IBM TechXchange today for immediate automation value:

  1. Automatically audit user access for Google apps.
  2. Self-repair SNMP credentials based on running configuration.
  3. Automatically patch Ubuntu.
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