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Some SOAR vendors may provide a low initial cost, but charge based on usage, which may take you over budget and/or limit the capabilities of the tool. Consider the total cost of usage when selecting the right SOAR solution for your organization.

With QRadar SOAR, you get the following:

Unlimited Playbooks

A playbook is a sequence of tasks or workflow that a security analyst executes to investigate and resolve a case. Create and run dynamic playbooks that adapt and evolve with an incident to help your team make faster decisions.

Unlimited Cases

A case is a security incident that requires further investigation. Use automated case creation to focus on high-priority alerts.

Unlimited Actions and Integrations

An action is a push request to external systems in order to collect and process information. Execute remediation actions across your full technology stack without worrying about data ingestion limits.

24/7 Support

IBM Support is here to assist when you need any help.

Full Customizations

Easily tailor the QRadar SOAR dashboard, reporting, and more, to gather insights for what matters most to your organization.

X-Force Threat Intelligence

Consume, share and act on in-depth security research and threat intelligence from IBM X-Force Security experts.

Subscription & Support (S&S)
Get the most from your QRadar SOAR investment Included with the initial and renewed annually, S&S provides real-time access to new software versions, releases, and fixes plus 24x7x365 technical support. Learn more

Frequently asked questions

An Authorized User is a single, specific individual who will access the QRadar SOAR product. This would depend on your organization’s unique needs. If you need assistance with sizing, contact us.

You have flexible deployment options on-premises, in IaaS or as a SaaS.

Yes, you can engage your preferred Business Partner or Technology vendor to purchase QRadar SOAR.

There is no limit to the number of products that you can connect QRadar SOAR to. See our full list of out of the box integrations.

There is no limit to the playbooks you can create. In addition, you have access to all pre-built playbooks.

Yes, IBM offers Security Expert Labs services to help you deploy faster and create custom playbooks.

IBM® X-Force® Exchange is a cloud-based threat intelligence platform that allows you to consume, share and act on threat intelligence. It enables you to rapidly research the latest global security threats, aggregate actionable intelligence, consult with experts and collaborate with peers.

QRadar SOAR Breach Response provides organizations with support for over 180 privacy regulations worldwide, allowing security teams to integrate privacy reporting tasks into their overall incident response playbooks and work together with privacy, HR and legal teams to help them address regulatory requirements.

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