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Harness the collective intelligence of your organization and turn AI-driven predictions into actions
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Plan. Predict. Prosper.

IBM Planning Analytics is an AI-infused integrated business planning solution that blends the simplicity of spreadsheets with a powerful database that makes planning easier for businesses. It can be used on your own servers, on the cloud or as a service on AWS.


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The one reliable truth about business is that things will change, often unpredictably

IBM Planning Analytics offers powerful data integration capabilities, giving you access to data from multiple sources and systems. Its multidimensional database (TM1) handles big data fast and gives real-time insights. Plus, it works with Excel, which people already know how to use. IBM Planning Analytics can grow with your business without slowing down.

IBM recognized as a Market Leader in BARC Score 2023 Integrated Planning & Analytics (IP&A)
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Benefits Read the solution brief Informed decision making

Create data-informed plans and forecasts. The multidimensional database gets you real-time insights for strategic decisions.

Improved efficiency

Automate and streamline manual, repetitive tasks with AI-infused capabilities to free up your time.

High participation planning

The collaborative platform allows for shared input, enabling multiple departments to contribute at the same time.

Data protection

Built-in security measures like data encryption and access control based on user roles ensure your data remains safe.

Customizable interface

Customize the solution’s look and workflows to fit your business needs.

Scalability and growth

The multidimensional database (TM1) can handle large amounts of data, whether your operations are growing, downsizing or experiencing seasonal variations.

Features Built on TM1 technology, you'll get a cell-oriented database that natively integrates with Microsoft Excel. IBM Planning Analytics can be deployed on–premise, on cloud or as a service–available on AWS. Explore all features Planning Analytics Workspace (PAW) 

Powerful data visualization capabilities with advanced planning and forecasting functionalities.

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Planning Analytics for Excel (PAfE)

All spreadsheet functionality but with added governance and control. Any adjustments can be applied in real-time to all views.

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Planning Analytics Engine (TM1)

Real-time multidimensional analysis of massive amounts of data.

Learn more about TM1

Industry use cases

For finance teams and CFOs Transcend the limits of manual planning with simplified, integrated financial planning and analysis. Achieve consensus between income statements, balance sheets and cash flow. Learn more about FP&A

For supply chain and operations managers Blend hierarchy advanced analytics and an unlimited sandbox of “what-if” scenario analysis into your supply chain processes. With the foresight to pivot quickly, you can turn disruptions into opportunities. Learn more about supply chain planning

For sustainability-focused teams Use IBM Planning Analytics for sustainability planning, simulation and optimization at any granularity level—even calculate the Product Carbon Footprint (PCF). Learn more about sustainability planning

For sales and territory managers Track and analyze sales rep performance and sales capacity data in real-time. Use the power of AI to optimize effective sales processes, enhance productivity and reach revenue targets. Automate resource allocation and territory planning to get a competitive advantage and increase market share. Learn more about sales planning

For HR teams Automate and streamline HR management processes–employment, salary, bonuses, headcounts and benefits planning–all in one platform. Develop accurate AI-guided workforce plans and forecasts based on changes in staffing, location, return to work, remuneration, retention, churn rates and more. Learn more about workforce planning

For IT managers and CIOs Support the business strategy and make better IT decisions. Drive alignment between the IT department and other organizational goals with real-time visibility into resource allocation, spending, life cycles, owners and asset utilization data. Learn more about IT planning

Case studies 10% Increased operational performance

Mawgif increased operational performance by 10% through revenue and efficiency optimization as the result of analyzing and managing data in real-time.

50% Faster reporting       

ICBC Argentina reduced the time it took to comply with government-mandated bank stress tests from four weeks to two, representing a 50% time savings.

83% Reduced forecasting effort 

Novolex, with steady deployment and adoption across the company, reduced the six-week forecasting process to less than one week—an 83% reduction, even amid changes.

Recognition and awards Leader in G2 Winter 2023 Grid Report for Demand Planning, Sales and Ops Planning and Supply Chain Planning. See the G2 reviews
Product reviews
Deployment options
Fully managed SaaS

Choose between Planning Analytics on Cloud (dedicated private hosting) or Planning Analytics as a Service (multi-tenant hosting).

On IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Deploy on IBM Cloud Pak for Data with IBM Planning Analytics Cartridge.


Deploy on-premises using either Windows or Linux with IBM Planning Analytics Local. Select from subscription or perpetual licensing models.


IDC MarketScape: 2022 Vendor Assessment Analyst research

Learn why IDC recognizes IBM Planning Analytics as a leader in enterprise planning, budgeting and forecasting.

Get the IDC report The Business Intelligence and Analytics Survey 2023

Explore the BARC survey identifying why users view IBM Planning Analytics as a stand out business intelligence and analytics solution.

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BARC Score 2023 Integrated Planning and Analytics report

Learn why BARC named IBM Business Analytics solutions a leader for its end-to-end data analytics platform, expansive budgeting, planning and forecasting capabilities and beyond.

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Ventana 2022 Planning Value Index

Learn why Ventana ranked IBM Planning Analytics as an exemplary vendor in key categories that reflect buyer’s needs.

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It’s 2023… are you still planning and reporting from spreadsheets?

Learn how IBM Planning Analytics is helping organizations take a modern and holistic approach to planning and reporting.

Read the blog Smart approaches to allocations in enterprise financial and operational planning

Discover how IBM Planning Analytics was used to create an allocation model for  Revelwood that could be added into their existing planning and reporting model.

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Extended Planning and Analysis (xP&A) in action

Learn how companies use IBM Planning Analytics as a versatile solution for financial, supply chain and human resource planning.

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How IBM Planning Analytics can help fix your supply chain

Discover how IBM Planning Analytics can improve supply chain management through planning, budgeting and forecasting.

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Demand planning and analysis

Learn more about agile supply chain planning with IBM Planning Analytics.

Watch the video (10:59) Ancestry: Makes FP&A on the IBM Cloud part of their DNA

Learn how used IBM Planning Analytics to scale their growth and organizational complexities.

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IBM Business Analytics Launch–On Demand

Discover the innovative features of IBM Business Analytics with this comprehensive overview from the product launch.

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