What you get with IBM® Open Enterprise SDK for Python

Native Python compiler for z/OS

Bring the modern Python programming language to the z/OS platform. Python is an easy-to-learn, high-level, interpreted and general-purpose dynamic programming language that focuses on code readability, allowing you to build fast and scalable applications. Take advantage of the co-location of your data and existing applications on IBM Z to increase throughput and reduce response time. You can control which data will be exposed externally, while keeping all of your confidential data secure inside the Z platform.

Python Standard Library

Access to the Python Standard Library provides you with an extensive set of functions that can save development resources and reduce costs when creating applications. The library includes highly used programming tasks in areas like string operations, cryptology, threading, networking, internet and web service tools, operating system interfaces, and protocols. Your developers can make use of these modules to fulfil common application tasks, allowing them to concentrate on implementing business functions while writing fewer lines of code.

Access to Python Package Index packages

In addition to the Python Standard Library, access a growing collection of several thousand freely available Python community modules and frameworks (from individual programs and components to packages and even entire application development frameworks). These modules are available from the Python Package Index, which is the official repository for this collection.

Ability to convert code sets

Read about Codesets and translation

Using Python's codecs package – the standard Python encoding facilities – you can produce and consume data in EBCDIC, UTF, and a number of other encodings.

Optional access to IBM Subscription and Support

Optional world-class IBM Subscription and Support.

Technical details

Software requirements

  • z/OS V2R4 (5650-ZOS)
  • z/OS V2R3 (5650-ZOS)

Hardware requirements

  • z15™
  • IBM z14®, Model ZR1 (z14 ZR1)
  • z13®/z13s®
  • zEnterprise® EC12/BC12