IBM Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS

A no-cost collection of vetted open source developer tools for z/OS

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IBM Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS® is a no-cost collection of vetted open source developer tools (Git, Curl, GNU Bash, Vim and more) for z/OS that provides popular Linux® and UNIX software development tools for z/OS. It allows seamless use of development tools, simplifying talent onboarding and integration.

Experience seamless modernization of applications and DevOps infrastructure with IBM Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS. This suite of foundational open source tools, such as Git, GNU Bash, Perl and others, enables z/OS developers to engage with the platform akin to Linux or UNIX systems.

Whether you are an experienced developer or new to the z/OS environment, Open Enterprise Foundation for z/OS helps streamline development processes, diminishes the learning curve for new talent and delivers reliability with distinguished service and support from IBM®. Reap the rewards of vetted tools, smooth integration with z/OS and the ability to capitalize on existing skills.


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Benefits Modernize apps and DevOps infrastructure

Leverage foundational open source tools like Git, Bash, Perl and more to extend your core business applications and DevOps infrastructure.

Effortless end-to-end stack consistency

Provide vetted tools as enterprise modernization attracts new talent reliant on contemporary resources to inform their development behavior.

Stress-free open source support

Rely on key open source technologies, supported and maintained by IBM, without the negative implications commonly associated with open source technology.

Open source tool integration with z/OS

Offers a robust version control system, enabling collaborative development and efficient code management. Developers can track changes, revert to previous versions and merge code branches seamlessly.


Enables efficient data transfers across diverse network protocols, facilitating seamless communication between applications and remote systems.

GNU Make

Automates the software build process, streamlining compilation and linking tasks while minimizing errors.

GNU Bash

Provides a powerful command-line shell environment, allowing users to execute commands and automate tasks with scripting capabilities.


Enhances the user experience for navigating and viewing text files. It allows for efficient scrolling and searching within large text files.


Provides a highly configurable and versatile text editing environment. Vim offers powerful editing features and can be customized to meet individual developer preferences.


Enables the development of text-based user interfaces (TUIs), providing a programming interface for creating interactive applications within a terminal environment.


Integrates a renowned scripting language known for its text processing capabilities and extensive module ecosystem.

Use cases CI/CD pipeline integration

Teams can establish continuous integration pipelines by using GNU Bash for automation, streamlining workflows and automating tasks, which can empower GNU Make for managing project builds. Git integrations enable version and source code control, which can be used alongside advanced scripting in Perl and GNU Bash. The pipeline can interact with APIs for testing, sharing and receiving data, interfaced by using Curl.

Version control and configuration management

Git serves as an ideal tool for code version control, and when combined with GNU Bash for automation, a system can be configured to create an optimal development environment. The customization abilities of GNU Make for builds are also ideal for constructing new versions of code and configuring their builds. In this scenario, Curl would also be ideal for configuring the environment to use APIs and accessing useful files that can be obtained by using a URL.

System administration

GNU Bash is an ideal tool for automation, system configuration and administration. When combined with Perl, system monitoring and maintenance can be configured effectively. Vim and Less serve as ideal tools for writing and reviewing code within this process. Once these processes reach maturity, a UI that uses Ncurses can provide an ideal management dashboard interface.

Development and testing

Vim offers easy and versatile code editing directly on z/OS UNIX. The array of tools includes Less for file content navigation, Perl for scripting, GNU Make for managing builds and Curl for leveraging API testing and development.

How to download
SMP/E edition

Manage updates easily with SMP/E (CBPDO, ServerPac) installable format. Both licenses (5655-OEF) and S&S (5655-EFS) are available through Shopz at no charge. 

Obtain through Shopz
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