IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux
View z/VM data from the Performance Toolkit for VM with Linux on IBM Z systems performance data to resolve issues and manage a complex environment more easily.
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IBM Tivoli OMEGAMON XE on z/VM and Linux

IBM Tivoli® OMEGAMON® XE on z/VM® and Linux® enables you to view z/VM data pulled from the Performance Toolkit for VM alongside views of Linux on IBM Z® systems performance data. This multiple view capability helps you solve problems more quickly and manage complex environments more effectively.

Compare Linux operations side by side

View Linux operations data side by side with detailed performance metrics from other important systems to understand and resolve issues quickly.

Bring related data together

Use data from the Performance Toolkit for z/VM (a prerequisite for this product) with data collected by the IBM Tivoli Monitoring agent for Linux on Z systems to evaluate system performance.

Dynamic workspace linking

Navigate more easily between Tivoli Enterprise Portal workspaces using Dynamic Workspace Linking.

Monitor workloads for virtual machines

View and monitor workloads for virtual machines, groups, and LPARs and view reports on z/VM and Linux resource usage, such as CPU utilization, storage, mini-disks and TCP/IP.

High-level views

Help your stakeholders understand how systems performance influences business and the bottom line.

Granular views

Use granular views to more easily track complex problems that span multiple applications, platforms, and systems and share related information.

Technical details

Software requirements

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Hardware requirements

Hardware requirements are listed by version in the software link.

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