What can IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS do for you

IBM® OMEGAMON® for Messaging on z/OS® monitors business application and system availability and capacity on z/OS for IBM MQ and IBM Integration Bus delivering real-time and historical data analysis such as:

  • Identify problems and automate corrective actions using pre-defined industry best practices.
  • Get statistical information like message rates, queue times, channel transmission rates, message flow elapsed and CPU times using pre-defined workspaces.
  • Messages access and content manipulation help you understand how application queues are utilized.


Improve productivity

Boost productivity and reduce administrative costs with ready-to-use capabilities such as auto-discovery and monitoring of complex IBM messaging environments.

Take remedial action

Be alerted to performance issues and avoid outages with remedial actions.

Centralized monitoring

Collect and analyze data for all your remote and local queue managers from a single vantage point.

Simplify usability

Take advantage of charts and tabular data track performance from IBM Tivoli® Enterprise Portal and an enhanced 3270 interface.

Perform message analysis

Browse message content, delete or forward messages from one queue to another.

Reduce costs

Directly link operations, test and development to help cut IT lifecycle costs.

IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS features

  • Automatic discovery of IBM MQ for z/OS objects
  • Detailed real-time, near-term history performance reports
  • Extended MQ Application performance insights on z/OS
  • Manipulate queued MQ messages
  • Simplified deployment process
  • Key performance indicator alerts
  • Seamless integration as part of OMEGAMON monitoring family