Improve network resilience and uptime
Guard against outages with resilient, redundant network services
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Improve application resilience and uptime with a global network and advanced DNS traffic steering capabilities.

Downtime kills revenue streams and brand reputation. That’s why maintaining consistent, always-on connections to your customers is important. Given the growing complexity of network infrastructure and the global scale of most businesses, true network resilience seems harder than ever to achieve.

IBM® NS1 Connect guards against outages with resilient, redundant network services, providing fast, secure connections to your customers anywhere in the world. Advanced, customizable traffic steering keeps critical applications and websites reliably online, ensuring continuity and disaster recovery.


Blunt the impact of DDoS attacks When outsourcing authoritative DNS, you get massive network scale that would be expensive to build and maintain on your own. When high-traffic events (such as DDoS attacks) hit, you need a sophisticated, resilient network that answers DNS queries promptly. NS1 Connect provides a resilient, scalable network at a fraction of the cost of self-hosted DNS. Capacity for days

NS1 Connect handles 1 million queries per second—on a slow day.

100% uptime SLA

Resilient, redundant systems to keep you constantly up and running.1

DDoS protection options

Protect yourself against DDoS-related charges with an optional coverage plan.

Steer traffic around service deprecations and disruptions One of the primary advantages of using multiple clouds and content delivery networks (CDNs) is the ability to divert traffic to the best performing, most-available services at any time. NS1 Connect has sophisticated traffic steering technology, driven by real user monitoring (RUM) data to help you avoid downtime linked to service outages and deprecations.                Utilize real user monitoring (RUM) data

IBM NS1 Connect relies on RUM data—not synthetically produced information—to deliver accurate, timely decisions based on service availability.

Maintain consistent user experiences

The customizable traffic steering logic in IBM NS1 Connect avoids performance challenges associated with "flutter" between content providers.

Make real-time decisions

IBM NS1 Connect steers traffic quickly and automatically, providing a seamless user experience regardless of turmoil in back-end systems.

Network redundancy without the management hassle Every network team needs a failover plan when disaster strikes. That means having a separate, pristine, fully featured network that's always ready to roll.¹ Building a network like this yourself would be expensive to create and manage. NS1 Connect provides a redundant network option managed through a single control plane. Physically and logically separate instances

Our Dedicated DNS network is completely walled off, providing a fresh back-up option when your primary network is compromised. Spin up an alternative network with all your configurations pre-populated.

Use the same features in primary and secondary deployments

Just because it's a failover option doesn't mean it has to be second-rate. Maintain access to all the features and functionality of IBM NS1 Connect you depend on, including our best-of breed traffic steering.

Single control plane

Avoid the hassle of balancing two DNS systems. Now you can get two networks and one UI. You don’t need to build out and support a translation layer or learn how to operate and configure two separate DNS providers.

Related use cases DNS observability

Improve application performance by identifying DNS misconfigurations, getting ahead of NXDOMAIN spikes, and tracking the early indications of DDoS attacks.

Global server load balancing

Balance network traffic all the way out to end-user devices using insights derived from real-user monitoring (RUM) data.

Application performance optimization

Steer DNS traffic to the highest performing, most available endpoints to ensure the best end-user experience for your applications.

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