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IBM® NS1 Connect provides customizable DNS traffic steering based on real-time decisions.

Website and application end-users expect lightning-fast performance. Slow load times result in performance issues, causing users to click away and take their business elsewhere. NS1 Connect provides customizable, easily configurable traffic steering capabilities to optimize application performance based upon your specifications—cost, end-user performance, reliability or all three.

NS1 Connect takes application performance optimization to the next level. Traffic steering is based on real user monitoring (RUM) data, a purpose-built network for the Chinese mainland and surrounding countries, and targeted traffic analysis dashboards to catch errors that might drag on performance.

What you can do Optimize across multiple CDNs and clouds

Find the best application delivery mechanism for any given moment based upon your specific business needs—whether that’s managing cost commits with service providers, balancing endpoint capacity, optimizing by geographic location or responding to the quality of user experience.

Rely on fast global DNS with a 100% uptime SLA

Build on a strong foundation with NS1 Connect’s global anycast network, offering top-tier response and propagation times and backed by a 100% uptime SLA1. Integrate with leading performance monitoring tools to identify and proactively steer around service issues before they affect end-user experience.

Automatically route around service deprecations or outages

Minimize service disruptions and poor performance by automatically steering users away from potential disruptions caused by server failures or resource issues. By routing users to resources with available capacity, NS1 Connect reduces downtime and delivers smoother online experiences.

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Consistently direct users to optimal resources

NS1 Connect traffic steering leverages global real user monitoring (RUM) data to direct DNS connections to the fastest and most available application resource in real-time. It utilizes insights to optimize experiences so that your users are consistently directed to optimal resources.

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Get up to 200% faster performance in China

Leverage a dedicated network specifically designed to optimize performance for the unique conditions of the Chinese mainland to deliver consistent, high-performing connections for users.

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Identify and troubleshoot DNS issues

NS1 Connect ensures you have access to relevant and targeted data that enables quick identification of DNS traffic issues. This data provides targeted insights so you can pinpoint errors and misconfigurations that can disrupt application performance and user experiences.

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Case study
Basis Technologies Filter Chain technology decreases latency by 30% for billions of daily transactions Basis Technologies provides programmatic advertising and media automation software. Its high-scale, real-time bidding platform serves hundreds of billions of requests per day at ultra-low latency. Basis worked with IBM® NS1 Connect to implement accurate geolocated traffic management, realizing gains in performance, speed, and reliability.  Read the case study
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Improve application performance by identifying DNS misconfigurations, getting ahead of NXDOMAIN spikes, and tracking the early indications of DDoS attacks.

Network resilience and uptime

Keep revenue-generating apps and websites online all the time with resilient, reliable DNS connections.

Global server load balancing

Balance network traffic all the way out to end user devices using insights derived from real-user monitoring (RUM) data.

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