IBM Migration Utility for z/OS details

Work on mainframe tasks from your workstation

Download the Migration Utility Explorer

Use the available IBM Migration Utility Explorer IDE for tasks such as editing, doing syntax checking, and submitting jobs to run on z/OS®.

Make the most of Easytrieve

Run or maintain converted programs as either COBOL or Easytrieve without having to install CA Easytrieve products. The Easytrieve source code is maintained in the original library.

Migrate smoothly and efficiently

Process batch-convert programs more efficiently with automatic conversion and parallel testing. Improve performance with enhanced Dynamic SQL options in addition to reduced CPU and memory usage.

Modernize more simply

Modernize Easytrieve programs with HTML reports or CSV that can be automatically deployed to the web server. Convert printer files to HTML and CSV without modifying the originating program.

Process JSON and XML documents and reports

Include IBM COBOL JSON and XML statements in your CA Easytrieve Plus programs to produce JSON and XML reports, parse a JSON or XML buffer or file, publish JSON and XML documents and reports to z/OS Unix server.

Gain agility and flexibility

IBM flexible payment solutions help you align your infrastructure investments with workload needs.