IBM Maximo Monitor: Enhance monitoring and response

With IBM Maximo Monitor, part of the IBM Maximo Application Suite, remote monitoring at enterprise scale, powered by AI, delivers fewer but more actionable alerts, and greater insights into root causes. By preventing process failure, you can increase production uptime, optimize asset lifecycles and monitor smarter.

Maximo Monitor key benefits

Enterprise-level data aggregation and visibility

Integrate data from multiple sources to gain insights about operating state.

Scaled operations across processes and sites

Gain the ability to scale and visualize operations across your enterprise through a single dashboard.

AI-powered detection of issues and anomalies

Use advanced analytics and AI, which can quickly detect issues and use data from operating history.

Drill-down analysis for resolution teams

Speed resolution with configurable drill-down capabilities that can be integrated into existing workflows for enterprise asset management (EAM).

An extensible IoT foundation

Get rapid, low-cost cloud-based deployment to accelerate time to value. Stepwise connect and collect solutions enable you to extend value over time with health scoring and predictive algorithms.

Enterprise scale monitoring with Maximo Monitor is open to developers

IBM Maximo Visual Inspection: Scale operational insights

Add intelligent “eyes” to your operations while making computer vision easier for business users without coding expertise. Maximo Visual Inspection, part of the Maximo Application Suite, delivers an intuitive toolset that streamlines the processes to label, train and deploy deep learning vision models. Combined with off-the-shelf mobile and edge devices, your enterprise can implement a fully optimized platform, increase productivity, and identify production defects. Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile is also available on mobile devices to support field operations.

→ Read the Maximo Visual Inspection solution brief (PDF, 521 KB)

→ Learn about Maximo Visual Inspection Mobile, a native iOS/iPadOS app

Maximo Visual Inspection key benefits

Improve uptime and reduce defects

Use deep learning to analyze processes and outputs to continually improve error and defect detection and execute root-cause analysis.

Get flexibility to train and deploy anywhere

Inspect and monitor anywhere — from the factory to the field. Train your models and deploy them on premises, in the cloud or on edge devices.

Enable quick action and issue resolution

AI can spot issues within milliseconds and will quickly alert the right resource to inspect, diagnose and rectify any issue, anywhere.

Empower any subject matter expert

The streamlined user interface allows domain experts to easily bring data and train models. Users with limited deep learning skills can now build models for AI solutions.

Adopt innovation easily

Put AI innovation into the hands of reliability and quality professionals.

Increase adaptability with custom model support

Import your custom models so your data scientists no longer need to train, tune or deploy them.

IBM Maximo Application Suite AddOns - Omnio Edge

Omnio makes it easy to capture data directly from assets for use in IBM Maximo Application Suite. With Omnio’s pre-built OT Connectors, the challenge of understanding device manuals and coding and testing integrations is gone and replaced with a simple, user-friendly interface.

With Omnio Edge, you get:

  • Pre-built connectors that enable device integration in a few clicks
  • Data that is unified with the same data tags, units, scaling and timestamps — ready to be used with Maximo Application Suite
  • Thousands of devices already supported and additional ones that are constantly added per requests

→ Read the Omnio Edge solution brief (PDF, 561 KB)

→ Read the blog post for more details

Illustration showing many data points becoming unified in Omnio Edge Industrial Data Acquisition and Unification

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