Mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions
Seamlessly deploy advanced mobile threat defense solutions to protect your entire mobile environment from cyberthreats and user-based risks
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Protect users, mobile devices, apps, networks and data against cyberthreats

Whether it's malware, phishing or a man-in-the-middle (MITM) attack, users are vulnerable to cyberthreats that are continuously evolving. IBM Security MaaS360 has a comprehensive, built-in mobile threat defense (MTD) package that helps you maintain a user and security centric approach to unified endpoint management (UEM).

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Benefits Device security

Protect iOS and Android devices against the latest cyberthreats and increase your efficiency with the automated, built-in cybersecurity functionalities in our mobile threat defense (MTD) solutions.

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Application security

Protect the public and enterprise apps against cyberattacks and malicious apps by extending container capabilities to enterprise and third-party apps on iOS and Android platforms.

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Network security

Monitor and initiate remediation actions for unsecured networks, defend against MITM attacks and use a VPN module that allows users to access a corporate network from their iOS or Android device.

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Features Device defense

Protect your users from SMS and email phishing, malware, jailbroken and rooted devices with built-in endpoint security functionalities. Perform advanced device configurations and notify users in real time about security incidents by identifying and flagging SMS and email messages that contain malicious URLs. Both BYOD and corporate-owned mobile endpoints are supported.

Application security

Defend against malware, avoid excessive app permissions (Android), set up automatic app removal conditions to prevent unauthorized access and use app wrapper or SDK technology in order to protect the mobile apps. Stay ahead of vulnerabilities and ensure a zero trust strategy.

Data loss prevention

Restrict clipboard operations (cut, copy, paste) and exporting documents. Encrypt content that is created by app tunneling for enterprise apps available on your iOS and Android platforms and protect sensitive data. Avoid phishing attacks and threats such as ransomware, ensuring a protected, digital workspace.

Network defense

Protect your users against MITM attacks that prey on poorly configured home and public wifi, monitor devices that connect to a wifi network and initiate a remediation action if the network is insecure by using MaaS360 security solutions.

Security policies

Set up security policies for your user devices to control device-level features. For example, disabling apps on iOS devices and restricting access to the “Settings” menu on Android devices. Protect personal data and corporate data by using our AI-generated suggestions for security policies.

User risk management

Automatically assess and act on the organization's security posture through an intuitive, user-based view that analyzes users’ risky behaviors and patterns on their devices and assigns a risk score. This built-in threat intelligence functionality ensures threat protection and makes sure that you maintain a high security posture.

MaaS360 gives us visibility not only if a device is attacked, but also that the device is protected. Wayne Broekhals IT Manager Arrow International (NZ) Ltd Read how Arrow simplifies mobility management while enhancing security
Case studies

Independent Health needed a way to keep their healthcare members’ Personal Health Information (PHI) secure while supporting mobile user demands for anytime, anywhere access to work resources.

Arrow International (NZ) Ltd improves mobile security and workforce productivity

With the MaaS360 cloud offering, Arrow is strengthening mobile security while decreasing the time and cost of mobility management.

Leeds Library Service part of the city's 100% Digital initiative

A city library system makes tablet lending and training more accessible while protecting borrowers’ data.

Related solutions Mobile device management (MDM)

The basis of any UEM deployment is MDM. While UEM solutions deliver a rich set of security and productivity tools for any device, none of that matters if devices themselves are not enrolled and managed at a basic level. MDM solutions provide API-based policy and same-day support for all popular operating systems, compliance rules and app distribution that make up the backbone of any MDM platform.

Unified endpoint management (UEM)

UEM offers a simplified and consolidated device management approach. It is a culmination of the device policy available in MDM and the data security and identity features provided through EMM deployment. UEM adds to those capabilities by layering on threat defense, AI analytics and the management of any device—whether smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or IoT—that is using any of the common mobile operating systems.

Mobile security

CIOs and CISOs need tools and techniques that enable flexible delivery of apps, content and resources across devices. These leaders need options for mobile security that fit within the confines of their enterprise strategy. AI can deliver near real-time, actionable risk insights while native malware detection keeps an eye on suspicious apps, and mobile threat defense responds to network, user, device, app and data-level threats before they strike.

Mobility Success Services

Curated mobility services offerings help you get the most out of your MaaS360 investment throughout the UEM lifecycle. IBM Mobility Success Services Security Expert Labs engagements scale from SMB-tailored offerings to large enterprise projects.

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