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A single platform helps you to aggregate and search your application and server logs
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Help developers and DevOps teams You’re using log services. But your teams want cluster-level insight. Save time and gain deeper insight with the IBM® Log Analysis service. Get integrations to many cloud-native runtimes and environments. Get collection, log tailing and blazing fast log search. Get natural language query and search retention up to 30 days

How it’s used

Kubernetes logging Configure cluster-level logging for a Kubernetes cluster to get access to log types for worker, pod, application and network. Monitor this data from a wide range of sources. Take the tutorial

Ingestion integration Monitor and manage Ubuntu logs in a centralized logging system on IBM Cloud®. Take the tutorial

Archive logs DevOps can archive logs from an IBM Log Analysis instance. The logs are archived into a bucket in an IBM Cloud Object Storage instance. Learn how to archive logs

Features Centralized management

Aggregate all log data into a central location.

Notification support

Expect Pager Duty, Slack, webhooks and more.

Flexible retention

Get 7, 14 and 30 days for log search.

Integration capability

Supports more than 30 integrations and ingestion sources.

Fast search

Natural language query and pay-per-GB pricing.


IBM Cloud SSO and full RBAC to administrators.

Log analysis training

Build your monitoring and incident management skills through log courses contained within the IBM Cloud Professional Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) curriculum.

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Aggregate and search your application and server logs.

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Add log management to your IBM Cloud architecture.

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