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Manage application performance in real-time and maximize uptime with automated full stack observability

IBM Instana Observability takes a modern approach to observability. It automatically discovers, maps, and monitors all services and infrastructure components, providing complete visibility across every layer of your application stack. Instana continuously captures every trace, detects changes in real-time, provides detailed insights with context, and makes actionable suggestions for remediation so your SRE, DevOps, Development and ITOps teams can spend less time troubleshooting issues and more time innovating.

Instana provides:

  • Built-in automation to capture and analyze rich data in real-time, automating root cause detection and resolution
  • Precision metrics at 1-second granularity along with 100% capture of end-to-end tracing of every request
  • Real-time data analytics and AI-driven insights to proactively address incidents before they impact customers 
  • Impact analysis with detailed insights on what happened, what changes occurred and what or who was impacted, as well as recommended actions for remediation
  • Broad platform and infrastructure monitoring, connecting your applications and infrastructure together, as well as line-of-code visibility and production profiling for 14 different runtime environments

Built on a foundation of real-time granularity and high-fidelity data, Instana delivers actionable insights that your IT teams can leverage to enhance application performance and drive operational efficiency and reliability.

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Achieving operational efficiency through AI-infused Incident Remediation

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reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR).


reduction in time spent troubleshooting by developers.


reduction in revenue-impacting incidents.

The Instana difference Ubiquitous automation

Instana uses automation in every part of the platform from instrumentation to discovery, from mapping and grouping all the way to visualizing data, analytics and troubleshooting.

Application and infrastructure context

Understand and see the context between your infrastructure and service dependencies. With Instana you can immediately understand how issues with one component are affecting other components, enabling you to manage rapid change more effectively.

Intelligent actions

Use AI-assisted algorithms to pinpoint root causes and take advantage of precise, timely mitigation recommendations and automatic issue remediation to improve productivity.

Predictable and transparent pricing

Pricing is simple, predictable and based on the number of hosts (physical or virtual) being monitored. Teams can use Instana without worrying about surprise charges - users, value-added functionality, applications, services and traces are not add-on charges.

Key use cases

Quickly identify and fix the source of the problem Real-time, high-fidelity data provides completes visibility of dynamic application and infrastructure environments. Learn more

Simplify the complexities of cloud-native ephemeral architectures Never miss an incident again with automated management and real-time detection across every layer of your application stack and dynamic graphing capabilities. Learn more

Accelerate incident response and remediation Causal AI-powered probable cause analysis identifies problems quickly and automatically. Get recommended actions, generated by watsonx.ai and correlated to the incident, to remediate issues faster. Learn more

Gain end-to-end visibility into user journeys Monitor and optimize user experience across digital endpoints. Learn more

Comprehensive observability across AI-powered environments Proactively address performance issues and optimize efficiency of Gen AI-infused IT applications, including large language models (LLMs), vector databases and support for OpenTelemetry. Learn more

Awards and Reviews

IBM Instana provides best-in-class enterprise observability

IBM Instana has been identified as a leader in Application Performance Monitoring (APM) by customers on G2. It has also been rated a top product by TrustRadius and awarded CRN Product of the Year for Application Performance/Observability.

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Unlock cloud-native application performance with AI-driven automated observability. Get started with Instana today.

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