Redis Enterprise Monitoring
Redis Enterprise Monitoring and Performance Management

REmote DIctionary Server (Redis) is a popular data store technology for containerized microservice applications. Instana’s Infrastructure and Application Performance Monitoring solution includes comprehensive Redis Enterprise Monitoring. Instana discovers all Redis Enterprise instances, understands the dependencies / interactions between the Redis Enterprise clusters and all application components, and begins monitoring the health and performance of each instance — automatically, after credentials are provided to access monitoring information.

To help DevOps optimize their Redis Enterprise environments, Instana applies automation and artificial intelligence to Redis Enterprise performance and health monitoring, including predictive problem detection and AI-assisted root cause analysis. Instana reduces your need for Redis Enterprise expertise within operations.

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Redis Enterprise Performance and Health Monitoring

Instana monitors Redis Enterprise KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) at the individual component and application level for each instance. The Redis Enterprise KPIs are used for real-time health monitoring of each instance and cluster. The Service KPIs are used to understand Redis Enterprise performance within the overall application.

Instana uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) including advanced statistical analysis, Redis Enterprise-specific Knowledge Base rules and applied machine learning to understand the health status of each Redis Enterprise instance and cluster in real time.

Redis Enterprise Performance and Configuration Monitoring

Instana’s Redis Enterprise Monitoring sensor gathers all critical metrics to determine the health of each Redis Enterprise instance and the performance of all application requests at each node. Tracking Redis Enterprise configuration data allows Instana to monitor changes to the Redis Enterprise instances and correlate changes to application performance issues.

Redis Enterprise performance and configuration data is summarized in a single dashboard, allowing users to see all relevant Redis Enterprise data in a single place for easy problem-solving and performance optimization.

Redis Enterprise performance monitoring centers around metrics relevant to its interactions with the web applications and microservices that use Redis Enterprise for data storage services. Instana’s automatically identifies and collects those relevant metrics:

Redis Enterprise Performance Data

Instana’s Redis Enterprise Monitoring includes three types of data; Performance measurements, Configuration Data, and Health KPIs:

  • Cluster Level Configuration Data
    • Name
  • Cluster Performance Metrics
    • Key Hits
    • Evicted Objects
    • Connections
  • Cluster Metric Categories
    • Keys
    • Memory
    • Connections
    • Nodes
    • Shards Databases
  • Node Level Configuration Data
    • Name
    • Version
    • Address
    • Status
    • Operating System
    • Shard Count
    • Cores
    • Total Memory
    • Cluster Name
  • Node Performance Metrics
    • Requests
    • Latency
    • Connections
  • Node Metric Categories
    • Requests
    • Latency
    • Connections
    • CPU
    • Memory
    • Network

A complete list is available in the documentation detailing how to monitor Redis Enterprise with Instana.

Redis Enterprise Monitoring – Built-in Health Alerts

Instana tracks Redis Enterprise Key Performance Indicators to infer a health state about Redis Enterprise within the context of the monitored environment. Instana’s Dynamic Graph contains the contextual information needed to determine the root cause of Redis Enterprise problems.

Instana comes with multiple predefined health rules based upon expert knowledge and best practices. A few of these built in health rules are:

  • Redis cluster state isn’t ok
  • Redis hit rate is low
  • Redis memory usage is getting closer to max memory limit

If there is an issue with Redis Enterprise health or performance, the Instana UI will flag the issue and change the health color of the instance. If service is impacted, a Service Incident will also be created and an alert will be sent. Performance issues are correlated with all developer changes to help determine root cause.

Redis Enterprise Sensor Installation: Getting Started

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