OpenLDAP Monitoring
OpenLDAP Monitoring and Performance Management

OpenLDAP is the most commonly used open source directory information service server (LDAP based) on the market. Being used for authorization, authentication, as well as user and service directories makes OpenLDAP an integral component of business systems. Therefore Instana’s OpenLDAP Monitoring provides comprehensive performance and health management.

To help automation and monitoring of highly dynamic environments, the automatic Instana OpenLDAP Monitoring integrates and enhances application and performance management workflows, which a comprehensive set of management and monitoring feature, that go beyond simple metrics:

  • Discovery of OpenLDAP instances and domains
  • Creation and visualization of Service dependency maps
  • Tracing of requests across all systems (end-to-end traces)
  • Application and service health monitoring

Comprehensive OpenLDAP Monitoring requires performance visibility for the physical or virtual host, OpenLDAP instances, domains and requests, as well as any dependent services using the instance.

Instana is the quickest and easiest way to monitor all OpenLDAP instances across the stack to deliver comprehensive application insights. The Instana agent automatically discovers all OpenLDAP instances, deploys the necessary monitoring sensors and begins tracing applications and requests. Instana also automatically determines the health of OpenLDAP.

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Monitoring OpenLDAP Performance

The Instana Agent automatically identifies all running OpenLDAP instances – then automatically deploys and configures Instana’s OpenLDAP Monitoring sensor. Instana’s curated knowledge base already knows what performance metrics are relevant for collection and how to collect them. To understand OpenLDAP health, the collected metrics are analyzed to find sudden increases or decreases. Since Instana’s automatic configuration collects all relevant domain and service information, monitoring OpenLDAP instances couldn’t be easier.

To determine overall infrastructure health, the Instana collects KPIs on the monitored environment and dependent systems to determine the health status.

With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and health signatures from the curated knowledge base, Instana automatically detects issues with individual OpenLDAP instances and issues service incidents. Based on severity, Instana automates incident escalation and root cause identification, helping you solve issues before users are impacted.

OpenLDAP Configuration Monitoring

In addition to performance and health data, Instana’s OpenLDAP Monitoring sensor also collects domain and directory configuration data, allowing Instana to analyze and correlate configuration data and changes with application and service performance information.

All performance and configuration information is summarized in an OpenLDAP Monitoring Dashboard, showing all relevant information in a single place for easy problem-solving and request or query performance optimization.

OpenLDAP performance monitoring centers around service metrics and their interactions with other services or data stores. Instana automatically identifies and collects the relevant service metrics.

OpenLDAP Monitoring Data

Instana OpenLDAP Monitoring includes two types of data; Configuration Data and Performance Data:

Further information on the different sensor information is available in the Instana OpenLDAP Management Documentation.

Configuration Data

  • Started At
  • DN
  • CN
  • Object Class

Performance Data

  • Operations
  • Connections
  • Bytes
  • Entries
  • Pdus
  • Referrals
  • Waiters
  • Threads
OpenLDAP Sensor Installation: Getting Started

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