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Docker Monitoring and Performance Management

Docker is an open source software container management system. Instana’s comprehensive Docker Monitoring goes beyond simple container metrics with automatic discovery, deployment, configuration, health determination and performance monitoring at multiple levels:

  • Each and every Docker container
  • identification of technologies operating in each Docker container
  • Mapping and monitoring Applications running across the entire system

Docker provides a layer of abstraction and automation that allows multiple independent containers with individual system resources packaged inside them to run within a single operating system. Docker leans on the Linux kernel to provide this kind of resource isolation, using several kernel features to achieve lightweight container virtualization. It is currently the de facto standard for this type of technology. Monitoring the Docker environment and the applications running on those containers requires the ability to understand how different application components run within a Docker environment.

Managing a Docker-based application requires performance visibility at the host, container, component and code level. Instana provides the quickest and easiest way to discover and monitor Docker applications. After a quick installation of the Instana agent into the virtual or physical host. The agent automatically discovers all containers and software components running in the environment, deploys all appropriate monitoring sensors (i.e., Docker, Java, MongoDB, etc.) and begins tracing application requests. Automatically determining the health of the applications and the application components.

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Docker Performance Monitoring and Configuration Metrics

The agent will identify Docker containerization running on the system resources and will automatically deploy and configure Instana’s Docker sensor. Instana’s curated knowledge base already knows what performance metrics are relevant for collection and what parameters must be configured to achieve that. For Docker to perform well in context with the surrounding system, it must be efficiently isolating resources while also ensuring communication between those resources does not erode. Specifically, Instana’s automatic configuration for Docker is set to track things like Container Image, Create and Start Timestamp, and Container ID.

Typical Docker Monitoring metrics include:

  • CPU Performance
  • Memory Performance
  • Block IO
  • Network

Please see Instana’s Docker Management Documentation for a complete list.

Docker Monitoring – Health

In addition to automatically collecting performance metrics, the Instana Docker Monitoring sensor will also automatically collect KPIs on the monitored environment’s Docker instance to determine its health. Health signatures from the curated knowledge base are used to raise Issues or Incidents depending on severity. Docker health is measured according to its system resource isolation and virtualization. Two primary resources are CPU and Memory, for which Instana collects various KPIs:

  • CPU Load
  • CPU Steal
  • Memory Used

Please see Instana’s Docker Management Documentation for a complete list.

Docker Sensor Installation: Getting Started

Ready to start? You’ll need an Instana Trial or Account first. Already got one? The best place to begin is Instana’s Getting Started Guide.

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