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What are the critical keys to success?

1. Senior leadership commitment through their actions and communication that the event is important and the output will be used. 2. Clear articulation around ‘intent’ demonstrating how the Jam supports a strategic imperative. 3. A plan for communicating the results and next steps quickly post-Jam.

What kind of participation rate can we expect?

Registration levels have ranged from 40-70% of identified, target audience. High participation depends on having a disciplined comms/marketing program and clear senior executive support for implementation of outcomes from the event.

Isn’t this just an online discussion forum? How do you ensure good quality input?

The Jam combines a disciplined "behind the scenes” facilitation approach with IBM Research’s text analysis tools scanning comments for common threads to identify ideas and emerging themes. This approach encourages participants to build on each other’s comments and keep the discussion focused.

Shouldn’t the Jam be anonymous? Aren’t there issues of privacy?

Jams are not anonymous. The lack of anonymity ensures that feedback remains constructive, even if critical. Jams are also about connecting people, and not just ideas. People who can connect on ideas afterwards. This approach builds trust.

Can the infrastructure really handle the traffic?

IBM runs and hosts the Jam in the same environment as the US Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros and the Masters. This triple-redundant infrastructure is built for massive hits within a very short period of time.

How do I know if the InnovationJam® is right for my organization?

Jams are typically sponsored at the highest level of an organization; they are ideal for examining ways to innovate, drive change — or identify a new set of values or vision through transparent conversation. A Jam is not an ongoing ideation platform; it's a strategic event lasting just a few days.