InnovationJam® features

Supports hundreds to tens of thousands of participants

The InnovationJam® platform is purpose-built for large audiences. Whether you have an organization with just a few hundred employees — or 100,000's — the Jam can support your needs. Participant is tracked — in real time — so that you can take the necessary actions to engage your employees and/or constituents.

Asynchronous discussion allows jamming across time zones

Global employees feel connected with colleagues or like-minded individuals they otherwise could never meet while making new connections along the way.

Real-time Chat feature allows deep exploration of sub topics

Your subject-matter-experts can take your audience on a deep exploration of a subtopic related to your Jam's overarching objectives. Ideas exchanged during the real-time Chat are added to the Jam for your entire audience to discuss.

Specialized and dedicated delivery team

With more than 100-years combined experience — and with over 100+ Jams delivered — our dedicated Jam team personally guides you on your journey from start to finish. Various templates and guides help you organize, plan and execute your event.

Comprehensive post-Jam report identifies recommended actions

Three weeks after the close your online event, IBM's Jam research team provides a comprehensive post-Jam report highlighting key ideas and recommended actions.

Incorporates Watson technologies for analysis

Understand the personality characteristics that make up your audience and their willingness to embrace change.

Gamification feature encourages and rewards participation

During the live event your audience can collect a variety of badges along the way, rewarding their participation and curiosity by engaging the Jam's many other features.

Embeded education helps your audience quickly engage

An on-boarding video and "Learn to Jam" feature helps participants quickly engage with the platform so that your organization can start jamming immediately.

8-10+ week engagement, culminating in a 2-3 day online event

After the conclusion of your online event, registered participants can log back in to read the wealth of content contributed by other jammers.

It's device agnostic

The InnovationJam® is available on desktop, tablet and mobile devices, allowing participants to jam anywhere, anytime. Supported browsers include Firefox 3.5 and beyond, Internet Explorer 9.0 and beyond as well as Chrome and Safari (latest versions).

Hosted in IBM's Always-on Hybrid Cloud

Safe. Secure. Robust.