Developer options now available in monthly and annual subscriptions.

Developer options now available in monthly and annual subscriptions. Buy now

Why IBM CPLEX Optimization Studio is the best choice for making decisions

Proven optimization technology with more than 25 years experience

Choose a provider with decades of proven expertise in optimization technology. The prestigious Edelman Prize is given each year to the best practitioner project in operations research. Edelman finalists have used IBM ILOG® CPLEX® Optimizer four times more than any other optimization technology to build innovative solutions for solving difficult challenges.

Provides comprehensive end-to-end solution for solving complex problems

From integrating with IBM SPSS Modeler predictive analytics engine to running optimization algorithms on cloud to allowing for user collaboration and powerful visualizations in an intuitive user interface, IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio provides a comprehensive end-to-end solution for even the most complex challenges.

Enables development and deployment of optimization models quickly and accurately

Use OPL, an algebraic modeling language, that makes it easier to understand and see constraints, goals and costs. Choose from a large set of interfaces, programming languages or deployment scenarios. Deploy in Java, Python, .NET, C and C++ or with a client/server architecture. Use built-in development tools for debugging, profiling, tuning and conflict detection. Enjoy total flexibility for modeling with a compact and expressive OPL, and an IDE with diverse model development services that no other organization provides.

One solution for many industries

Leading organizations from various industries across the world use IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio to achieve better outcomes. Here are some examples: A global logistics provider creates its next-generation logistics management platform. An arc welding systems and power source manufacturer in Italy reduces inventory by 15 percent and cuts lost orders by 70 percent. A financial services company helps banks reduce cross-shipping fees by 63 percent.

Technical details

Detailed system requirements

  • Software requirements - runs on macOS, Windows, Linux and AIX
  • Hardware requirements - runs on macOS, Intel, Power and z/OS

Client case study

When analysts at CleanSpark reached the limits of what open source software could do to optimize energy consumption, they worked with IBM Business Partner Newcomp Analytics and used IBM ILOG CPLEX Optimization Studio software to reach the next level. As a result, the organization has saved significant time and differentiated itself in a crowded market.

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