IBM Hourglass screenshot

IBM Hourglass for date and time simulation

IBM® HourGlass is a clock simulator for testing mainframe applications. It enables you to simulate date and time—past, present or future—without changing application code or requiring a separate computing environment. You can coordinate functionality across time zones to strengthen the thoroughness of application testing and improve the accuracy and reliability of mission-critical applications.


Improve accuracy, reliability

Simulate any date and time that can be represented by the underlying computer hardware. Thoroughly test time-sensitive applications to help avoid costly issues after deployment.

Boost testing efficiency

Automate the date and time testing process to help deliver reliable applications without requiring changes to application code, re-IPLing the CPU or LPAR or making runtime JCL changes.

Lower risk

Identify applications that request the system date and time and resolve potential problems before they occur.

IBM HourGlass features

  • Flexibility and security
  • Date and time alteration
  • Simulated date and time processing
  • Coordinated reporting and data transfers