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Support Qualified DWDM vendors

Find products tested and qualified by IBM for use in GDPS environment and Server Time Protocol (STP).

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IBM support

Find answers by using the search bar or open a support case.

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Software product lifecycle

Find detailed information about the available IBM support lifecycle policies.

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Qualification reports IBM products Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform™ EMC

View results of qualification testing of Dell EMC PowerMax 8000 product (PDF 149 KB).

Previous releases New capabilities in GDPS version 4.5

New capabilities include a GDPS Enterprise Portal to view multiple GDPS environments, logical corruption protection enhancements and dynamic management of PPRC links.

What’s new in 4.5 (191 KB)
New capabilities in GDPS version 4.4

New features included improved logical corruption protection capabilities, plus GDPS RESTful API and dynamic capacity management extensions.

What’s new in 4.4 (173 KB)
End of service GDPS V4.3

General availability: March 2020

End of service: March 2023


General availability: March 2021

End of service: March 2024

GDPS Continuous Availability V2.3

General availability: March 2020

End of service: March 2023


General availability: March 2022

End of service: March 2025


General availability: March 2023

End of service: March 2026

Training and community Develop GDPS skills

Explore available courses (link resides outside of from IBM and LearnQuest to develop your GDPS skills. You can also earn a GDPS Fundamentals badge by completing the fundamentals course which provides foundational knowledge that is needed for on-the-job expertise.

IBM Z and LinuxOne Community

Join a rich community of business and technical experts, access blogs and forums to exchange ideas on resiliency.

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Technical documentation Deployment tips

Learn about IBM GDPS active-active offering and the role it plays in achieving resiliency.

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Disaster recovery for Linux on IBM Z

Learn about disaster recovery and high availability for Linux on IBM Z using GDPS and IBM® Z System Automation.

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Keep mission-critical applications up and running, 24x7x365

Designed for continuous availability and rapid disaster recovery, IBM zSystems (with GDPS) provides industry-leading resiliency to protect your business from downtime.

GDPS LCP Manager is a core component of the IBM Z Cyber Vault solution, integrated into the backbone of your zSystems infrastructure.

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Other resiliency strategies with GDPS Cloud Imperative: Resiliency and Scale

Learn how remote copy function with automation drive IBM’s multi-site application availability solution.

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Real strategies for today's continuity challenges

Learn IT infrastructure resilience strategies to solve business continuity challenges, based on a banking use case.

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Linux on IBM Z with GDPS

Learn how to integrate Linux on IBM Z under z/VM in a GDPS environment to provide continuous availability and disaster recovery.

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Installation services include: Synchronous Metro Mirror, Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC), Asynchronous Extended Remote Copy (XRC), Asynchronous Global Mirror (GM) disk data mirroring and software-based replication via IBM InfoSphere Data Replication for z/OS (for Db2®, IMS and VSAM data using the GDPS Continuous Availability solution).

Disk replication protocols: GDPS is designed to work with Metro Mirror (PPRC), z/OS Global Mirror (XRC) or Global Mirror disk replication protocols supported by the DS8000 family and made available to vendors. Some disk features require specific commands to be sent to the disk subsystem.