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Risk event database for proactively managing operational and enterprise risk
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IBM FIRST Risk Case Studies is a database of external risk case studies that enables you to analyze risk events across the financial services industry. It gives you a more holistic understanding of risk by offering a diverse range of case studies of exposures related to corporate governance, strategic issues, fraud, process errors, market practices and business risk. Offered as an annual subscription, the solution helps you improve your operational and enterprise risk management by supplementing your internal data and enabling complex scenario modeling.

Product highlights
Comprehensive risk database

Gives you access to a research database featuring industry-wide coverage of over 17,000 risk loss events.

Deep analytical detail

Enables better investment planning, with support for more effective identification of potential risk exposures.

Cost-effective web access

Provides easy-to-use, web-based access to a comprehensive and continually updated database of external risk case studies.

Key features

Gives you competitive insights, and enables comparative benchmarking of your internal loss data against industry peers.

Detailed analytics

Includes detailed descriptions that break down each loss event to identify root cause, control breakdowns, lessons learned, management response and aftermath.

Quantitative analysis

Enables you to quantitatively analyze risk data (such as loss amounts captured at the time of an event). Helps you understand the size of risk your institution might potentially be exposed to.

Categorization features

Provides categorization of compliance violations, which gives you insight into regulatory trends and issues.

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