ESG reporting minus the manual effort
ESG reporting backed by a repository of ESG data, health-check analytics and audit trails
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Insights from ESG software

With environmental, social and governance (ESG) reporting software products from IBM Envizi, you can upgrade your ESG data from clunky spreadsheets into a single, automated system that provides reliable,  reports and insights.

IBM Envizi ESG data management, analysis and reporting software suite includes trace-to-source functionality and records clear audit trails to track changes and prepare your ESG data for audit. This means fewer manual data and disclosure workflows for your team, and a more transparent picture of your ESG performance for auditors and stakeholders.

This is why organizations like the GPT Group use IBM Envizi’s ESG reporting software products to prepare disclosures with confidence, brief senior executives, and support audit and assurance.

What you can achieve Simplify the audit and assurance process

Auditors log in to a robust system that contains all necessary data, documents and audit trails supported by data health check analytics.

Resources to support your reporting goals

Leverage templates, tools and built in consultation with sustainability teams to reduce the manual and repetitive burden of ESG reporting.

Capture data once, report multiple times

Sophisticated data tagging capabilities help you easily slice and dice data for multiple reporting and disclosure requirements.

Built on the GHG Protocol

GHG Protocol

This tool has been reviewed by the World Resources Institute for conformance with the GHG Protocol Corporate Standard.

Next steps

Learn more about how IBM Envizi, a SaaS solution can simplify the capture, consolidation, management, analysis and reporting of your ESG data.

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