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Streamline ESG reporting to meet compliance and reporting requirements with ESG reporting software from IBM Envizi
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Capture your ESG data in a single system of record with ESG reporting software

ESG reporting software from  IBM® Envizi™ integrates a suite of products that help you capture and manage all your ESG data in a single system of record and report with confidence knowing that your data is auditable and finance-grade.

These products allow organizations to report in alignment with external frameworks such as GRI, ESRS, SASB, GRESB, the UN SDGs and others by consolidating questions from these frameworks into one platform in an easily exportable format.

All this is made possible by a powerful engine that automates ESG data capture and tracks performance over time, allowing you to meet your ESG reporting commitments easily.

Key features across the ESG reporting suite of products include:

  • Access to multiple framework questions in one place such as ESRS to support CSRD reporting, GRI, SASB, SFDR, UN SDGs and TCFD
  • Integrations with ENERGY STAR® and NABERS for scores and ratings
  • Access to compliance and management reporting templates
  • Single portal for value chain stakeholders to report their ESG metrics
EU CSRD reporting tool

The platform supports the European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) as a managed framework to help companies comply with the upcoming EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

Explore the modules

ESG Reporting Frameworks

Building Ratings + Benchmarks

Value Chain Surveys + Assessments

ESG Reporting software modules
ESG Reporting ESG Reporting Frameworks Upgrade your ESG data from spreadsheets into a robust platform which is finance-grade so your organization can meet reporting requirements. Explore module

ESG Reporting Building Ratings + Benchmarks Capture building footprint and utility data, calculate ratings, and benchmark and track building performance in one place. Explore module

ESG Reporting Value Chain Surveys + Assessments A single portal to collect ESG metrics easily and securely from across your value chain to ease the reporting process. Explore module
What you can do Report within a single platform

Adhere to your organization’s ESG reporting requirements with the latest guidance on framework requirements and where to find your data in Envizi.

Streamline data capture

Allow value chain stakeholders to submit ESG data directly into a portal, helping you integrate this data into a single system of record.

Simplify audit and assurance

Provide auditors with login access to a robust system that contains all supporting data, documents and audit trails.

Reduce reporting time and cost

Leverage templates and tools to reduce the manual and repetitive burden of ESG reporting.

Ensure accountability

Request responses from stakeholders and manage the due dates and status of these tasks.

Report with confidence

A single system of record to report to stakeholders, underpinned by data health check analytics and audit trails.

Ready to transform your ESG reporting?

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