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Anticipate and respond to severe climate events by utilizing the most accurate weather data in the world
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Graphic illustration representing the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite monitoring services
Extreme weather can leave any business vulnerable 

Year after year, as weather and climate events increase in severity, so do the financial risks for businesses. Monitoring and understanding weather conditions has become essential to business continuity, and reliable meteorological data is crucial to being able to prepare for severe weather before it can disrupt your functionality.

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite provides real-time monitoring of weather conditions to help you predict the potential impact of climate and weather risks. By combining weather data inputs, climate risk analytics, and carbon accounting capabilities, the suite's environmental monitoring services give you the tools you need to make the decisions that can keep your business operational.


What you get
Dashboard visualizations A configurable visual dashboard brings together a wide range of weather information and climate decision-support tools, maps and asset data to show the impact that weather conditions may have on your business.

Alerts console The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite's alerts console can automatically send messages to registered users to alert them about disruptive severe weather events such as high levels of precipitation, tornadoes, atypical air temperatures, air quality, wind speed, wildfires, and flooding.

Geospatial analytics Environmental data analytics provide a store of geospatial-temporal data and an analytics engine for conducting complex and fast queries to reveal key relationships between layers of data.

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With its monitoring capabilities, the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite delivers real time weather monitoring and alerting, helps your teams accurately track key points of interest and keeps them safe when deployed.

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