Custom climate adaptation solutions
Build data models and applications for your enterprise's climate solutions
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Develop climate apps to fit your business needs

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite Solutions Builder is a modeling framework and application development tool that allows you to combine accurate weather, geospatial, GHG emissions and industry-specific data, so you can build custom climate adaptation solutions that fit the needs of your enterprise.

The app builder gives you easy-to-use tools to create custom dashboards and intelligent, informed workflows, whether you are working to deploy renewable energy solutions, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, or plan your business practices to mitigate against the impacts of climate change.

What you get
Build easily Use the dashboard interface to track metrics and make the most of the built-in connectors and rules engine in the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite.

Import custom data Combine IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite data with other data sets by using OpenAPI standards to create custom tools.

Enhance data modeling Get clear insights by creating and revising your own data models with the modeling framework in the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite.
Industry add-ons Renewables forecasting

Forecast weather conditions that affect wind and solar operations, so you can plan for reliable and resilient clean energy operations.

Vegetation management

Use vegetation monitoring and condition-based alerts to maximize the efficiency of your power line maintenance and land management.

Outage prediction

Reduce outages, minimize disruptions and optimize restoration efforts by using machine-learning prediction models.

Crop yield and health

Analyze and identify environmental factors that might reduce crop yield and agricultural production, so you can take timely corrective action and optimize land use. 

Resources The increasing need for environmental intelligence solutions

According to this IDC brief, sustainability continues to grow in importance as a major business priority.

Environmental intelligence is business intelligence

Explore findings on the best ways to be proactive, avoid disruptions and stay resilient across different industries and conditions.

The CIO as Enabler of Sustainability Strategy and Initiatives

Learn how the role of CIO is becoming central to business decisions related to sustainability and climate.

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Related features Environmental data services

Combined geospatial, GHG emissions and industry-specific data delivers accurate, actionable information about your complete environment. 

Monitoring services

Weather-decision technologies built with advanced analytics help you better predict how and when weather will affect your business.

APIs and developer solutions 

A robust catalog of cloud-based, industry-standard APIs provides accurate and precise hyperlocal weather data and imagery. 

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