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Manage and track your IBM Enterprise License Agreement reporting and contract consumption
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IBM Enterprise License Agreement reporting made simple

Do you want an easier way to manage your IBM ELA license deployment tracking and reporting requirements?  Check out the Enterprise Software Management Tool, better known as ESMT!  The ESMT web application is your answer for eliminating error-prone spreadsheets and streamlining your reporting to IBM!

Benefits Easy

No charge and easy to use – this web application is managed by IBM for your unique contract.

Data at your fingertips

Ability to see current and historical catalog deployments and licenses remaining.


Simpler and more accurate reporting for catalogs and substitutions according to your contract terms.

Capabilities Your ELA in digital form

A unique, custom site for your ELA contracts, providing access for your designated users 24x7.

Support for all your potential contract types such as catalog, substitution, and fixed.

Catalog usage tracking 

Complete picture of catalog content, usage, remaining catalog cap, and substitution activity, including contract consumption by product, giving you a clear understanding of usage to maximize the value of the contract.

Contract activity visibility 

Real-time view of all in-progress and completed deployments and substitutions via the ESMT interface, or via exports for a more in-depth review.

Deployment reporting

Automated reminders when your reporting is due, based on your contract terms.

“One click” capability to report to IBM instead of using spreadsheets.

Optional deployment approval workflow and controls.

Substitution reporting

Ability to manage and submit product substitutions without relying on email.

Substitution calculator to help ensure substitution validity.

Data availability

Long-term access to usage and deployments of current and archived contracts with the ability to export.

Reporting and usage data that remains available regardless of employee attrition.

Use cases

How can ESMT help manage my contract type?

Aggregate Cap Program (ACP or ACEL) For software catalogs with a cap on total deployment, ESMT will tell you how much of your catalog has been deployed and how much remains.  You can see deployment by software part for analysis on how to maximize the value of your catalog.  You can submit deployment reporting to IBM, according to your contract terms, with the click of a button.
Substitution For substitution contracts, with a list of software parts that comprise a substitution table, ESMT will show your current entitlements, what parts can be exchanged in and out, and the dollar value of those parts.  It will do the calculations for any proposed substitutions to ensure their validity and submit the substitution request to IBM.  You will be notified via ESMT when IBM has processed the substitution.
Unlimited Enterprise License For a set of software products that can be deployed in any quantity during the contract term, ESMT will provide the list of deployable parts and allow you to record deployments for accurate records and any required reporting to IBM.

Capped Enterprise License For a set of software products that can be deployed up to a specified quantity during the contract term, ESMT will provide the list of deployable parts and allow you to record deployments up to the cap for accurate records and reporting.

Fixed For specific software licenses purchased up front at a set price and quantity, ESMT will show you how many licenses of each part you own.

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