Key features of ECM System Monitor

Proactive health monitoring

Manage BA components, their underlying infrastructure and their overall interoperability to guarantee the availability of the business services to the end user.

Single point of control

Tailor management consoles to your specific needs. The dashboard provides an overview of monitored systems in one single point of control.

Integration with ITSM

Event forwarding to IT service management tools enables IT operations to monitor BA systems 24/7 using their standard management console.

Knowledge base

Get information about possible error cause and corrective actions for thousands of log file entries and monitoring alerts.

Automation tasks

Simplify repetitive tasks, such as restarting of components or collecting troubleshooting information.


Create reports for service level and compliance reporting. Trending provides insight into the evolution of the platform.

Product images

Event console

screenshot of event console

Event console

The event console provides detailed information about the health of your BA platform in a single pane of glass.


screenshot of livecharts


Livecharts help you interpret events in context, showing correlations and anomalies in your performance metrics.


screenshot of heatmap


A heatmap provides a quick overview of your BA components, making it easy to identify potential issues.

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