H2O Driverless AI dashboard panel

Data science simplified

H2O Driverless AI removes many of the significant barriers that prevent organizations from adopting machine learning, performing the function of an expert data scientist and adding more power to both novice and expert teams.

H2O Driverless AI is most powerful when run on IBM Power Systems, which are capable of supporting the intense data processing and memory requirements of these workloads.

Driverless technology removes the need to do extensive and costly feature engineering upfront, in addition to automating model validation and tuning. H2O.ai serves a network of over 200,000 data scientists with its open-source machine learning platform.


Automate upfront labor

Feature engineering, model tuning and visualization are handled automatically by the software

Faster time to insight

Cut training time from months to hours with automated feature engineering

Enterprise ready

Secured with LDAP and Kerberos and scalable to work with enterprise data sources

Trustworthy, compliant data

Ensure your data insights are bulletproof with concise and understandable explanations of decisions and automatic documentation

Go further on IBM Power

Make the most of H2O Driverless AI with IBM Power hardware built for machine learning's intense data processing and memory requirements