IBM Cloud Pak® for Data integrates seamlessly with a wide range of solutions to help build a best-in-class platform. With a growing ecosystem of technology enterprises and system integrators, these companies play an integral part in empowering your organization to build the business solutions you need for AI.

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These companies help you maximize the power of IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Anaconda logo


Anaconda Repository for IBM Cloud Pak for Data brings comprehensive, curated open source libraries to several platforms from IBM, including multicloud, governed data and AI.

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Appen combines human intelligence with cutting-edge models to create training data for machine-learning projects. Paired with IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Appen drives secure data at scale in highly regulated industries and across various verticals.

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CockroachDB is a DistributedSQL database that eases scale and survives any service outages. Designed for modern cloud applications, it delivers a standard SQL interface and provides transactional consistency at any scale.

Datameer logo


Datameer integration with IBM Cloud Pak for Data enables agile, self-service data exploration and transformation of complex, diverse data into analytics-ready information to accelerate data science.

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Equinix Inc.

IBM Cloud Pak for Data is deployable in less than four hours to organizations that build their digital platforms with Equinix. This provides near-real-time analytics with minimal latency in more than 50 major metro edge locations worldwide. These locations – network and cloud aggregation points where information is exchanged back and forth – are just 10 milliseconds from most customer endpoints.

Knowis AG logo

Knowis AG

Knowis worked with IBM to create IBM Financial Services Workbench (FSW). FSW helps build next-gen solutions faster, based on microservices architecture principles combining multiple technologies in a pre-built and curated platform for FSS industry. Knowis brings lending domain expertise templates as FSW accelerators.

Lightbend logo


Lightbend Cloudflow supports the development and deployment of high performance, cloud-native streaming data pipelines. With IBM Cloud Pak for Data, it delivers highly scalable and extensible Kubernetes-based streaming applications.

MongoDB logo


Leverage MongoDB's scalability and flexibility when it’s deployed as part of IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Trusted users can explore popular JSON data using MongoDB’s powerful tools.

NetApp logo


Connect your cloud, edge and core data center so the flow of data is streamlined — from ingest to prep, training and inference — with simplified management.

Personetics logo


Personetics is an AI-based proactive and personalized digital engagement platform. This solution helps financial institutions engage retail, wealth, and small and medium enterprise customers. It offers personalized insights, timely advice, contextual services and self-driving finance capabilities.

Portworx logo


Portworx Enterprise provides a robust operational experience for apps running on IBM Cloud Pak for Data and for Data and Red Hat® OpenShift® with solutions for scalable, performant container storage, backup and disaster recovery, multi-cloud operations, data security, and capacity management.

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PostgreSQL Community is natively integrated into IBM Cloud Pak for Data giving developers the ease of Kubernetes-based containers and a complete data management lifecycle.



Senzing has created the first real-time AI for entity resolution. The solution is self-tuning and self-correcting — no experts needed. Combine Senzing capabilities with IBM Cloud Pak for Data to accelerate your big data and analytics projects.

Tavant logo


Media industry accelerators for the IBM Cloud Pak for Data platform help you address media-specific use cases and business requirements. These include viewership clickstream data, ratings, reach and ROI, which can improve campaign performance.

Wand Inc logo


The WAND Taxonomy Library Portal provides access to a diverse set of industry and business function vocabulary terms that provides a foundation for a business glossary.

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The Wipro Campaign Response model helps you predict the probability of users to respond to a specific campaigns which helps increase ROI on campaign spend.

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